More Than 40 DesignCon Exhibitors Announce New Products and Services in Advance of the 2015 Event

Extensive Expo at 20th Annual Event to Feature New Technologies from ARC Technologies, Meritec, Ironwood Electronics and More

Jan 20, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today DesignCon previews a list of exciting new innovations and announcements from more than 40 exhibitors participating in the event. As the premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities, DesignCon will offer an in-depth technical program for attendees. The event will take place January 27-30 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. For additional information and to register, please visit:

DesignCon, the premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities, will run January 27-30, 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley.

"DesignCon is excited to welcome more than 150 first-class exhibitors at this year's event," said DesignCon General Manager, Christopher Fischer. "Attendees can explore the expo floor to gain a first-hand look at all the latest technologies our exhibitors have to offer, while also gaining insight on how products can benefit their operations."

Below is a preview of announcements exhibitors will showcase at DesignCon 2015:

  • Accurate Circuit Engineering (Booth #1041), is proud to announce the addition of Isola's Astra and I-Tera laminates to our list of standard materials. After extensive testing and several successful builds ACE is pleased to add these lower cost replacements to many high cost RF materials to our long list of standard laminates.

  • Advanced Assembly (Booth #400), is proud to announce the implementation of its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SAP Business One.

  • Alpha Wire (Booth #752), is proud to announce the acquisition of Coast Wire and Plastic Tech of Carson, CA. Coast specializes in custom wire and cable for the medical, instrumentation, industrial, semiconductor, and commercial electronic markets.

  • Anritsu Company (Booth #717), introduces a 32-channel synchronization function for its MP1800A BERT that creates a highly accurate integrated test set for the evaluation of high-speed transmission technologies utilizing phase modulation methods, such as Quad DP-16QAM and Dual DP-64QAM, used in core networks operating up to 1 Tbit/s.

  • ARC Technologies (Booth #503) launches new AC2ES (ARC Clear Conductive Electromagnetic Shielding) product line. AC2ES offers flexibility and versatility for transparent EMI shielding applications. These ultrathin, flexible films use nanotechnology to provide high shielding effectiveness while remaining optically clear. AC2ES is used in commercial and industrial applications.

  • Ardent Concepts' (Booth #203) "TR" multi coax cable termination product now supports speeds of 50GHz+ with exceptional signal integrity. High-speed, high density, and new form factors such as right angle cables, ATE, and multiple channel configurations combine to meet the demands of high speed product designers.

  • Artek (Booth #1148), introduces complete new line of variable ISI channels to meet a wide range of requirements such as 4ch version and 40Gbps applications.

  • AtaiTec Corporation (Booth #954) will showcase new enhancements to its flagship products (ISD, ADK, X2D), with applications ranging from de-embedding, S-parameter analysis, channel simulation and surface roughness modeling to material property extraction. The company will also demonstrate their mobile-apps-like signal integrity software.

  • CAST, Inc. (Booth #320), will be announcing additions to its low-power RTL IP cores line, including hardware data compression/decompression (GZIP, ZLIB, or Deflate); a tiny, fast 8051 for controlling sensors or subsystems in embedded, wearable, and IoT applications; and an efficient, MIPI-compatible LCD display controller.

  • DVT Solutions (Booth #655) in partnership with Signal Microwave, announces new solder-less RF connectors from 40 to 67GHz. These connectors are available in vertical and edge mount profiles to 40GHz/2.92mm interface and edge mount geometries to 67 GHz/1.85mm interface. These solder-less connectors provides superior signal integrity performance at a lower cost.

  • EDADOC (Booth #1045), will showcase a new PCB solution as well as services for communication, security and big data center customers.

  • Elgris Technologies, Inc. (Booth #753), announces the E-Builder tool for automatic building of the schematic symbols for high-pin count components and automatic placing of built symbols on schematic pages. Additionally, FPGA pins name verification against PCB Netlist signal names. Useful for engineers, FPGA and PCB designers working with high pin count components.

  • EMSCAN (Booth #209), will be showcasing the next generation ERX+ for high density board designers and IC manufacturers who need to visualize the root causes of potential EMC & EMI problems in minutes. EMSCAN will also exhibit the world's largest real-time antenna pattern measurement system RFX2 for antenna designers.

  • Faspro Technologies, Inc. (Booth #307), has expanded its metal fabrication to include photo-chemical etching. An exciting addition to our capabilities, photo-chemical etching allows incredibly clean cuts of thin-gauge sheet metal.

  • FuturePlus Systems' (Booth #527) DDR Detective can now characterize Cloud Computing Servers. DDR Memory is at the heart of every Server and this tool monitors Server memory undetected giving insight into what Servers perform best for a particular workload. Data Centers can improve system performance and add more customers without blindly adding more Servers.

  • Hirose Electric (Booth #521), has a new board-to-board power connector, the flexible IT-P Series. Featuring a 3-piece structure consisting of the mating receptacle, interposer, and mounting receptacle, the IT-P Series provides a wide range of stack heights from 13.5mm to 44mm. IT-P Series connectors offer a current rating of 60A.

  • Imagineering Inc. (Booth #1147), is proud to be releasing its updated Full Turn Key Quote Engine. We will be demoing the speed and accuracy of our new online engine.

  • Ironwood Electronics (Booth #605), will be unveiling the 75GHz IC socket solution for both engineering and production use. IC packages covered include QFN, BGA, SOIC, QFP, and other SMT packages. The company will also be showcasing a new thermal management system for IC testing.

  • Isola (Booth #414), launches new Technical Education Series (TES) to address the increasingly important role of laminate materials in the overall process of system-level design. The TES was developed to update system-level designers on important aspects of laminate selection by means of a dynamic, interactive viewing experience.

  • Keysight Technologies (Booth #725) will highlight three key areas: DDR Memory, 100G ethernet and PAM4 technologies, and simulation and validation software.  Keysight's industry experts will be on-hand to demonstrate high-speed digital solutions including: high performance oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, JBERTs, arbitrary waveform generators, power rail probes, TDR solutions, and software applications.

  • Meritec (Booth # 626) is introducing its new Vertical-Push In Battery Connectors in three configurations: 3.5mm Sliding, 3.5mm Push-Down and 4.5mm Vertical-Push In, ideal for connecting removable-battery packs to portable devices or data/memory cards. Also showcasing is Meritec's Hercules® Copper to Optic (AOC) version.

  • Molex (Booth #619) will showcase its extensive technical expertise and several products from its Mezzanine, I/O, Power and Edgecard connector product lines for design engineers that provide flexible, scalable solutions that deliver speed and reliability for next-generation system architectures.  Also, Molex will conduct two 40-minute sessions and conduct several demos.

  • Powered by NI, Mouser Electronics' (Booth #811) new MultiSIM BLUE allows you to scheme, simulate, PCB layout, BOM and purchase all in one integrated tool. Available via free download on, MultiSIM BLUE enables engineers to visualize and evaluate linear performance, making circuit design more productive.

  • Multilane (Booth #1237), is ushering in a new wave of signal integrity characterization with sampling scopes now featuring PAM4 signal measurement and analysis based on SW filtering.

  • NTK (Booth #1153) and IBM are collaborating to develop an innovative technology to deliver optimum signal performance for tight line pitches. Visit NTK's booth to see a live Active Link test demonstration.

  • PacketMicro (Booth #850), announces new 18-GHz probes and benchtop "Flex Probe Station" for probing motherboard and daughter card in horizontal and vertical orientations simultaneously. In addition, PacketMicro introduces "Power-Integrity Probing in a Box" for milliohm impedance measurements, which includes RProbes, positioners, and microscope.  For power-integrity measurements, durable RProbe performs comparably as microprobes.

  • Panasonic (Booth #402), releases its next generation material, MEGTRON 7/7N. This product represents Panasonic's next evolution in Advanced High Speed/Low Loss materials, capable of meeting the most stringent demands in Signal Response and Thermal/Mechanical performance. MEGTRON 7/7N can be used in high-end servers, routers and advanced systems.

  •, by SupplyFrame (Booth #202), is launching a brand new parametric search engine designed for electronics engineers. focuses on bringing clarity to the component marketplace, with broad data visibility across the supply chain. The site provides a range of search tools that help engineers make smarter decisions and produce better products.

  • Pickering Interfaces (Booth #529), is expanding its range of PCI and PXI Programmable Resistors with the introduction of the following two modules: PCI Programmable Resistor & Relay Card (model 50-294) and the PXI Programmable Resistor & Relay Module (model 40-294)—both feature lower density and lower cost for simulating variable resistors.

  • Polar Instruments Inc. (Booth #406), will display the latest versions of Atlas Si (Insertion Loss Testing) and the CITS880s added LPE (Launch Point Extrapolation) capability will be demonstrated.

  • Polliwog Corporation (Booth #215A), is proud to announce its new product Pollex PI, a pre/post routing time and frequency domain Power Integrity tool which allows you to detect PI problems at early design stage. Pollex PI offers full wave electromagnetic, switching noise, impedance, resonance, skin effect, dielectric loss analysis and more.

  • Quadcept (Booth #215B), is proud to announce its release of a free PCB component library consisting of 250,000 parts. Hosted by Quadcept's cloud server, anyone can access its vast component library anytime, anywhere. You can eliminate the step of manually creating components and significantly speed up your PCB design process.

  • Rambus (Booth #835), will be demonstrating its newly announced On-Chip Power Supply Noise Monitor to improve quality and reduce time-to-market of complex SoCs. Ideal for package-on-package and 2.5/3D packages, the noise monitor enables accurate characterization of power supply noise up to 6GHz.

  • Remcom (Booth #750) will be previewing a new product for XFdtd that creates high-speed PCB layout traces, via geometry, and complete EM simulation models for signal integrity.  PinBuilder will assist engineers with optimizing and validating return loss, insertion loss, and crosstalk within the pin field of high frequency PCB designs.

  • Samtec, Inc. (Booth #943) will showcase advancements with Z-Ray™ micro array interposers, SEARAY™ open pin field arrays, and other products designed to support serial speeds of 28 Gbps or more. The capabilities of FireFly™ Micro Flyover system™, a future-proof, inside-the-box interconnect solution, will be demonstrated in a 28 Gbps application.

  • Siglent Technologies America (Booth #1245) will be displaying several new prototype test & measurement instruments scheduled for release in 2015. These include a new 3 GHz spectrum analyzer, 6 ½ digit digital multimeter, and the new SDG2000 series of ARB/function generators with variable sampling rates.

  • Simberian (Booth #423), will preview a new version of Simbeor electromagnetic signal integrity software. Simbeor 2015 offers new unique capabilities for test fixture de-embedding, automatic post-layout electromagnetic analysis of interconnects and a new full-wave 3D solver that further increases accuracy of interconnect analysis and productivity of signal integrity engineers.

  • Sonnet Software, Inc. (Booth #315), leading High Frequency Electromagnetic (EM) Software provider, introduces the Sonnet Suites Release 15 (V15), featuring increased functionality of internal Co-calibrated™ Ports, intuitive updates to the graphical user interface, new time-saving features for simplified layout editing and drawing, and enhancements to the Cadence® Virtuoso® Interface.

  • Southwest Microwave, Inc. (Booth #1139) announces new End Launch connectors, including SMA, 2.92 mm (K), 2.40 mm, 1.85 mm (V) and 1.0 mm (W) configurations to accommodate thicker PCB boards in the range of 90 to 300 mils. Also, new ultra-miniature board and panel mount 0.9 mm SuperMini DC to 67 GHz threaded coupling microwave coaxial assemblies.

  • Stack Electronics Co., Ltd. (Booth #215C), is proud to announce its newest product, LeoProbe®. LeoProbe is a precision sensing system for AC/RF electric field distribution with electro-optical sensor. LeoProbe has minimal electric field disturbance to DUT, offers high spatial resolution of less than 50 μm and wide band frequency response up to Terahertz range.

  • Teraspeed® Consulting (Booth #1048), a Division of Samtec and Samtec Microelectronics will demo ExaMAX® high speed backplane system, enabling superior 25 Gbps electrical performance on 2,00 mm column pitch. The demo features Isola's Tachyon®-100G materials to provide the absolute highest performance. Samtec is a second source to FCI for ExaMAX®.

  • Valydate (Booth #953) announces ValydateVERA™, a powerful design analysis and verification engine with pre-defined checks and an extensive intelligent model component library. Altium and Valydate have partnered to bring VERA and its benefits to Altium's designer customers, who will gain in-depth verification with time and cost savings in their design cycles.

  • Xpeedic (Booth #912), will showcase their fast and accurate signal integrity software tools tailored to high speed designs. The company will also be showcasing their silicon integrated passive devices (IPD) together with their system-in-package (SiP) technology to achieve both miniaturization and high performance for RF and mixed-signal designs.

  • Yamaichi Electronics (Booth #849), will be unveiling new solutions and products for telecom, datacom, and supercomputer network customers with requirements in future high speed applications. The company will also be demonstrating a new pluggable optical transceiver and copper cable for data center customers.

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