Operators Expect a Slow Migration to Carrier Ethernet 2.0, Heavy Reading Finds

Despite network operator interest in CE 2.0, they are not quick to provide CE 2.0-compliant services, says Heavy Reading Insider

Jul 26, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Metro Ethernet Forum's new Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) initiative is getting positive reviews from network operators, but most operators are in no hurry to make their networks and services CE 2.0-compliant, according to a worldwide survey of Ethernet service providers conducted by Heavy Reading Insider (www.heavyreading.com/insider), a subscription research service from Heavy Reading (www.heavyreading.com).

Survey: Operators Like CE 2.0, but Won't Rush to Implementation provides the full results and analysis of Heavy Reading's CE 2.0 survey, which was conducted in 2Q12 and includes responses from more than 110 telecom professionals that represent more than 90 network operators worldwide that either currently provide or plan to provide Ethernet services.

The survey addresses three key elements regarding CE 2.0: network operator familiarity and initial reaction to the CE 2.0 initiative; operators' projected plans to adopt CE 2.0 (including seeking MEF certification for their services and requiring suppliers to have MEF certification); and the expected impact of CE 2.0 on customer adoption of CE services.

"MEF's February 2012 rollout of CE 2.0 is a notable event in the service's evolution," says Steve Koppman, research analyst with Heavy Reading Insider and author of the report. "CE 2.0 can be viewed as consolidating and focusing attention on a new stage in service development, along with a corresponding new certification process, based on Ethernet's enhanced capabilities of recent years, specifically in the aforementioned domains of interconnection, OAM and CoS."

Heavy Reading's survey results suggest that network operators will take CE 2.0 seriously, says Koppman. "The question now is how rapidly operators will push to have CE 2.0 compliance both for their suppliers and their services," he continues. "To ensure a rapid transition, the MEF will likely need to continue to push the CE 2.0 concept aggressively over the next 18 months."

Key findings of Survey: Operators Like CE 2.0, but Won't Rush to Implementation include the following:

  • Network operators are mostly positive toward the MEF's CE 2.0 initiative, and the vast majority expect it to have a positive impact on demand for CE services.
  • Despite the positive view of CE 2.0, operators don't plan to rush to adopt CE 2.0 in their own networks.
  • Most operators do not expect to apply for CE 2.0 certification for their services before 2014.
  • About half of all operators will require their equipment providers to be CE 2.0-certified by the end of 2013.
  • Operators say their enterprise customers know little or nothing about CE 2.0 at this point.
  • Most operators expect CE 2.0 to be only somewhat important to their enterprise customers.

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