Light Reading Uncovers How Service Providers Really Use Social Media

Aug 20, 2012

NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Telecom and wireless service providers are using social media to learn more about their customers and explore new revenue opportunities, according to new survey data from UBM TechWeb's Light Reading.  Click here to view the results.

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Light Reading recently completed a survey of 910 telecom professionals, including 234 service providers, about their social networking habits, use and perceptions.  This survey isn't necessarily unique to telecom -- although social media is made possible by this industry -- but service providers need to be aware of what people in their industry are doing on social networks. At a minimum, it's a major way consumer-facing brands like the wireless operators do customer service.

The survey responses paint a picture of how telecom professionals of all ages, job functions and geographies use different networks, how they feel about them and how they're changing their professional and personal lives. 

Since service providers are key customers, partners and leaders in the telecom industry, Light Reading has provided just the service provider responses, for free (no registration required), in a special 13-page slideshow.  Click here to view the slideshow.

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Jennifer Baker
Marketing Director, Light Reading Communications Network

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