100Gbit/s Packet Processors Will Help Relieve Network Traffic, Heavy Reading Finds

Network traffic demand is growing, and network equipment providers plan to use 100Gbit/s packet processors for relief, says Heavy Reading Components Insider

Mar 13, 2013

BOSTON, March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Network traffic is continually growing, and most network equipment providers plan to use packet processors that can handle 100 Gbit/s by the end of 2014 to help relieve some of that demand, according to the latest report from Heavy Reading Components Insider (www.heavyreading.com/commchip), a paid research service of Heavy Reading (www.heavyreading.com).

TEMs Rate Multicore & Network Processor Suppliers for 2013 analyzes the use of multicore processors and NPUs by telecom equipment manufacturers, based on a worldwide survey of engineers, designers, product managers and sales/marketing personnel that work for telecom and networking system equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The responses make it clear that these devices are critical components in most types of networking equipment.

For a complete list of companies covered in this report, http://twimgs.com/audiencedevelopment/LRHR/PDFS/cci0313_companies.pdf

"Network traffic continues to grow, driven by 4G smartphones, VoD and cloud-based applications," says Simon Stanley, research analyst for Heavy Reading Components Insider and author of the report. "Mobile data is forecast by Cisco to grow by an average of 66 percent each year for the next five years, reaching 11.2 exabytes per month by 2017."

By the end of 2014 most networking equipment providers will be using packet processors that can handle 100 Gbit/s, Stanley says. "10Gbit/s packet processors are used by more than 70 percent of the companies covered in this survey," he adds. "Looking forward, our respondents said that packet processors should integrate security functions, traffic management, DPI and control plane processing. The performance that is being achieved by 28/32nm devices is creating new opportunities for carriers and system vendors to deploy a mix of dedicated networking systems and virtualized core networks using the latest NPUs and general-purpose, and integrated, multicore processors."

Key findings of TEMs Rate Multicore & Network Processor Suppliers for 2013 include the following:

  • 100G NPUs are replacing 10G NPUs, with half of equipment makers already using 100G devices
  • 65 percent of equipment makers will require 100G packet processing in the next 12 to 24 months
  • 120W or more available for packet processing, with more than 25 percent supporting 80W
  • Rapid growth is expected for 28/32nm devices
  • Intel Xeon E5-2400/2600 is already being used by more than half the companies covered in the survey
  • Performance is the key criterion for the selection of new multicore processors and NPUs
  • Integration is required for future multicore processors and NPUs

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