Embedded Systems Conferences Expand Into Asia

Fast-Growing Chinese Market Added to Worldwide Reach of Embedded Systems Conferences With Co-Location at IIC-China

Oct 6, 2000

The Embedded Systems Conferences today announced the launch of the Embedded Systems Conference China, a three-city conference and exhibition event that will bring the latest in embedded systems technology to China. The event will be co-located with the 6th Annual International IC Conference & Exhibition, and will travel to Shanghai (March 26-27, 2001), Beijing (March 29-30), and Shenzhen (April 2-3). In 1999, the International IC Conference & Exhibition drew 12,061 attendees.

The Embedded Systems Conference China will be organized by eMedia Asia Ltd., a joint venture between CMP Media and Asia's Global Sources Ltd. The eMedia Asia joint venture also publishes EE TIMES-ASIA (local language editions for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and ASEAN) and ELECTRONIC BUYERS' NEWS-CHINA, as well as these brands' related Asian-language websites and specialized technical events.

"The Embedded Systems Conferences have been dedicated to providing engineers and technical managers with practical information from leading authorities in the embedded industry for 11 years," said Mike Flynn, Director of CMP's Worldwide Embedded Initiative. "Today, China is emerging as an important design market, developing the next generations of consumer electronics and communications products for global markets. With the Embedded Systems Conference China, we will provide China's engineers with the practical skills they need to improve the quality of their embedded designs, and to get these products to market faster."

Over the past decade, IC consumption in China has grown about 35% annually. This growth is projected to continue over the next several years. The Chinese government's plans include state-of-the-art computing and communications systems to handle financial transactions, tax collection, trade volumes, manufacturing, and education, to name just a few embedded applications. Telecommunications and computers will play a major role, but greater connectivity will increase the need for embedded systems knowledge in the industrial and consumer sectors as well. More than ever before, Chinese designers and engineering managers are looking for embedded IC solutions and development tools that cover the entire gamut of applications.

The Embedded Systems Conference China

The event will feature a complete conference program tailored to the unique needs of China's engineers. "Our goal is to build the same high-quality conference programs as the Embedded Systems Conferences in the U.S. and Europe," said Lindsey Vereen, Worldwide Embedded Editorial Director at CMP. Topics include but are not limited to:

  -- Wireless Networking               -- Software test
  -- Real-time development             -- Device driver design
  -- Internet appliance design         -- Hardware/software integration
  -- Embedded programming techniques:  -- Simulation and verification
      Assembly, C, C++, Java           -- Multiprocessing
  -- Hardware description languages    -- ROMing and DOS issues
  -- Object-oriented design            -- Multitasking
  -- User interface development        -- Digital signal processing
  -- Managing embedded projects        -- Communications
      and developers                   -- Protocols & Standards
  -- Debugging                         -- System design
  -- Hardware design                   -- FPGA design

Alongside the conference will be an extensive exhibition program bringing together exhibitors from the International IC Conference & Exhibition and Embedded Systems China. "Global Sources has helped international technology vendors reach China for more than 15 years. Throughout Asia and China, they organize conferences and exhibitions focusing on topics such as IC and systems design, wireless technologies, and EDA and test. We're confident that, through our joint venture with Global Sources, we will deliver the same level of quality and professionalism that exhibitors have come to expect from the Embedded Systems Conferences, while providing them with direct access to the emerging Chinese market" said Laura Finnerty, Group Show Director, Embedded and Communications, at CMP.

Other conferences produced by CMP's Electronics trade show group include the Embedded Systems Conference Chicago, the Embedded Systems Conference Boston, the Embedded Systems Conference Europe, the Embedded Executive Summit, ICSPAT 2000, the Communications Design Conference, and the Analog & Mixed-Signal Applications Online Conference.

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