CMP Technology Announces First Ever Disruption Zone Participants

New Venue Debuts at ESC Boston 06

Sep 26, 2006

CMP Technology's Electronics Group today announced the nine companies participating in the Disruption Zone, a forum for electronics companies to showcase their latest innovations in technology.

Debuting at Embedded Systems Conference Boston 06 (, the Disruption Zone will feature companies seeking to forever change the embedded systems industry. Cosponsored by Adams Capital Management and Venture Development Corporation (VDC), the Disruption Zone consists of a specially created exhibition area on the ESC Boston trade show floor, along with an exclusive, invitation only luncheon for industry influencers -- venture capitalists, analysts and media.

* Virtutech ( allows developers to "dry run" their new systems well before they're ever built. What if you could test out new processors, buses, and software all without ever building a prototype? What if you knew, before you even started, that you were going down the right (or wrong!) path?

* UltraCell ( manufactures small, quiet and high energy density power generators for portable electronics. The systems are fueled with easy-to-use methanol fuel cartridges weighing approximately one- half pound, which can power a typical laptop for up to 12 hours. Swap in new cartridges and the system will provide power indefinitely. These systems are highly reliable, rugged and based on proprietary UltraCell reformed methanol fuel cell RMFC technology.

* Sensor Platforms ( moves network intelligence out of a central computer and puts it directly on the sensors. Intelligent sensors can work anywhere: in factories, automobiles, homes, appliances, or anywhere there's something to measure. Making the sensors smarter and networked makes the whole system more reliable and powerful.

* SecureRF ( -- Security is everywhere but it doesn't have to be difficult. Most embedded systems have limited CPU horsepower, memory space, and power requirements. Where's the extra overhead supposed to come from? This company makes cryptography easy and painless, suitable for even the smallest embedded system.

* Quickfilter Technologies ( -- DSP filtering software is a fact of life in embedded systems -- or is it? What if you could filter input signals without writing a single line of code, in hardware? These chips could eliminate some of the toughest and more error-prone parts of any developer's job.

* Quantum Leaps ( -- What if you could design a real-time system without a real-time operating system (RTOS)? Most embedded systems are designed around a traditional RTOS but they're complicated to use and have subtle hidden side effects. Quantum Leaps replace the RTOS with a software state machine that's a more natural fit for many real-time systems.

* Enpirion ( -- Getting DC power into your systems shouldn't be difficult. Or expensive. Or bulky. This company makes DC/DC conversion as simple as it sounds, and with a minimum of external components.

* ENCIRQ ( -- All embedded systems manage data, so why aren't they designed around data transfer and storage? This company's data- centric approach to systems leads to remarkable changes in architecture, performance, and reliability.

* CorEdge Networks ( -- CorEdge Networks is a leading supplier of IP/chips, software, sub-system and system-level products. CorEdge develops networking products that enable high performance for ATCA, AMC, MicroTCA and IPMI applications.

"Only the Disruption Zone will feature so many pioneering technologies in one location -- innovations such as a rechargeable fuel-cell battery, intelligent sensors, DSP filtering chips, and a software state machine that could replace your RTOS," said David Blaza, publisher of Embedded Systems Design. "These are the companies that are shaping our future through new technologies that could change the electronics industry."

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