San Francisco Event to Showcase Intelligent Electronic Devices And the Technologies That Make Them Work

Embedded Systems Conference Exhibit Floor Reflects Demand for Embedded Tools For Connectivity, Linux Development, and System-On-Chip Design

Mar 28, 2001

The show floor at the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco, the world's largest exhibition of the core technologies for intelligent electronics, will feature hundreds of products used by engineers, designing the latest in Internet Appliances, Systems-on-Chip and smart industrial machines. Critical tools and technologies that enable communications and networking connectivity in everyday devices will be among the many new products unveiled at this industry-leading event, running from April 10-12 at the Moscone Center.

The show floor at the twelfth annual Embedded Systems Conference features 341 exhibitors, including 118 San Francisco Bay Area companies. This year, the exhibit floor will also feature the "Innovation Showcase," an exhibition of the newest end-user products powered by embedded systems.

"It's not that we're all going to be browsing web-sites from our toasters, but we're going to see an increasing number of products that incorporate the communications capability of the Internet in very interesting ways," said Lindsey Vereen, Conference Director. "You can see some great examples of this at the Innovation Showcase and on the show floor, where there will be demonstrations of the chips and software that will enable next generation functionality."

A number of intelligent devices are featured in the event's first Innovation Showcase. These include:

  -- A Mobile Web Pad
  -- A Multimedia Electronic Book
  -- An Internet-Enabled Espresso Maker
  -- New Digital Music Players, including portable and home stereo devices
  -- A Network-Enabled Fingerprint Security System
  -- An Internet Appliance that allows small and remote offices to
     share Internet access, files, printers, and network services

Hundreds of the products that are used to create these types of devices will be demonstrated on the show floor. Among the newest products, are tools used to add connectivity to embedded devices, such as:

  -- Application specific Bluetooth front-end solutions
  -- Components for the implementation of voice over DSL
  -- CAN (Controller Area Network) products, which link electronic networks
     in automobiles and on manufacturing plant floors.
  -- An embedded Ethernet and storage module
  -- Middleware for deterministic IP data delivery without complex

The show floor will also feature a broad range of products to build software applications including Linux and cross-platform development tools. Examples include Linux-based PDA software, web browsers and a real time operating system; an integrated tool for programmers working with Windows CE and Linux; and software to link Linux devices to Windows-based enterprise systems.

Another category of products featured on the show floor is System-on-Chip (SoC) devices and the tools used to create them, including a real-time, low power Java Processor; a streamlined processor core with low gate count and a single stage pipeline; a System-on-Chip device with integrated Ethernet controller; and a solution for multi-core SoC simulation and debugging.

"System-on-Chip is the natural result of the electronics industry's capability to shrink nearly every key component to smaller and smaller sizes and put them on a single die," said Vereen. "Consumer benefits of high integration and small size are more features in a smaller package, higher reliability, and less power consumption. Integrating software into Systems-on-Chip is still a challenge, but exhibitors at ESC are starting to address this market."

The ESC exhibition is held in conjunction with the world's most comprehensive educational program on embedded systems. With 186 courses and 15-full day tutorials, including 95 entirely new sessions, the conference program highlights topics such as design of wireless devices, development of distributed systems, and open-source design tools and operating systems.

Special events include keynote addresses, a panel discussion and exhibitor workshops. Best-selling author of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," Douglas Adams and Sun Microsystems Java technology inventor James Gosling and his colleague Greg Bollella present the keynotes. A panel discussion titled, "Object-Oriented Programming: Method or Madness," is offered on Monday, April 9 at 5:00 p.m. Additionally, Cadence Design Systems and Microsoft Corporation are offering special exhibitor workshops on Tuesday through Thursday. Advance sign-up and payment is required for these hands-on product-oriented classes.

More information on the Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco is available at . Conference programs can also be obtained by calling 877-446-7799 or by e-mailing

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