Landmark Global Media Usage Study Highlights Importance of Print, Vendor and Industry Publication Web Sites, the Rise of E-Newsletters and the Impact of Industry Events

North American Engineers Rely on Print for Creditability and Readability; While Asian and European Engineers Look Online

Engineers Worldwide Cite Industry Events as Most Important for Networking and Relationship Building

May 3, 2006

CMP Media's Electronics Group today announced the findings of a extensive global media usage survey, conducted in conjunction with Beacon Technology Partners, a market research firm serving the electronics and computer industries. The survey polled more than 4,000 electronics engineers worldwide, and was issued in eight languages across 30 countries.

"This is the most comprehensive survey of electronics engineers ever conducted," said Paul Miller, senior vice president and group publisher of CMP Media's Electronics and Software Development Groups. "The global study provides highly strategic insight to both editorial and advertising communities as it uncovers distinct geographic differences and offers details into what, why, when and how engineers around the world consume their media."

"The credibility associated with print titles such as CMP Media's EE Times continues to be an important factor in our advertising spend decisions," commented Scott Lewis, director of corporate communications and worldwide marketing at Xilinx. "With integrated media portfolios such as CMP Media's, that credibility extends into mediums such as e-newsletters, which are becoming more and more popular with our customer base."

The survey shows that print remains the leader in providing credible news and analysis, while online resources are most important for immediate access to breaking news and technical how-to information, and validates the continued role of industry events as networking opportunities. However, it uncovers interesting cultural differences in how electronics engineers educate themselves, uncover how-to information, and build relationships with their peers. A few key highlights from the report include:

  -- North American engineers are more likely to use print, including
     industry publications and catalogs, in addition to online media, while
     Asian and European engineers are apt to rely on online media
  -- Overall, print titles and vendor Web sites tied for the top information
     source (79%), followed closely by search engines (75%) and industry
     publication Web sites (68%)

      o Print titles were cited as the most important source for "credible
        information" and "readability of information," and 58% agreed that
        the Internet cannot take their place
      o At the concept development and product development stage (when most
        brand and component decisions are made) engineers turn first to
        print publications for news, analysis and trend information
      o Vendor Web sites are the preferred source for "product information"
        and "detailed answers to challenging problems" except in Asia, where
        respondents use of vendor Web sites is far below that of engineers
        in the U.S./Canada and Europe

  -- Industry publication email newsletters were the fifth most important
     source overall (52%), and cited as the preferred source for "news and
     analysis of what's happening in the industry," with particular
     popularity in Europe
  -- Search engines are the top choice for "technical information, design
     ideas and application techniques"

      o Google is highly preferred to Yahoo! - 60% to 22%, with the gap
        widening in North America
      o Asian engineers are more prone to use vertical search engines,
        particularly in China and Korea

  -- Industry conferences and exhibitions were cited as most important for
     "networking and building relationships" and were particularly popular
     in Asia
  -- Web conferences and work-related video are preferred by younger
     engineers (age 35 and younger) to "learn about design tips/ideas." But
     in China and Korea, more than half of respondents had not attended a
     single conference in the past year
  -- New media such as podcasts and RSS feeds have little toehold, except in
     China and India

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