First East Coast Public Conversion of Plug-In Hybrid Electronic Vehicle Set for TechMash 2007

Event Combines the Expertise of the CalCar Initiative and the Breakthrough Battery of Nilar; Audience to Learn how to Perform Conversion Themselves

Sep 5, 2007

CMP Technology today announced that during the upcoming TechMash 2007 ( conference in Boston, the East Coast will witness its first public conversion of a Hybrid vehicle into a Plug-in Hybrid Electronic Vehicle (PHEV). Combining the expertise of the California Cars Initiative (CalCars) with Nilar, providers of a breakthrough Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH), TechMash attendees will witness a live conversion of a Toyota Prius hybrid into a PHEV (

  The live conversion will detail how:

  -- A PHEV combines the advantages of both hybrid and electric vehicles,
     with the added ability to plug in at night, using local electricity for
     short daily trips, but also retaining long distance range from the
     existing gasoline or diesel engine.

  -- To do the conversion yourself, beating auto manufacturers by several
     years, based on freely available open source designs that can be
     broadly adopted by Toyota Prius owners who want a PHEV today.

  -- Nilar's NiMH battery, which employs a revolutionary membrane design,
     demonstrates the continuing high potential of NiMH at a time when much
     of the focus is on lithium battery technologies whose limitations
     continue to be a reason for the delay in production of PHEVs.

  -- Using Nilar's NiMH battery simplifies the pack integration process from
     a mechanical and controls perspective.

The live conversion will take place September 19th and 20th during TechMash's Embedded Systems Conference. For information and to register for the show visit You can also join the live discussion and see a preview of the Prius teardown here (

About CalCars Initiative

The California Cars Initiative ( is a Palo Alto-based nonprofit startup of entrepreneurs, engineers, environmentalists and consumers promoting 100+MPG plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Somewhat uniquely, CalCars is itself a hybrid, focusing both on public policy and technology development, and harnessing buyer demand to help commercialize PHEVs. CalCars builds demand among highly receptive markets to encourage auto makers to produce 100+MPG "no-sacrifices" high-performance, clean plug-in hybrid cars. For more information visit

About Nilar

Nilar was founded in 2000, with production and R&D facilities located in Denver, Colorado. Nilar has taken the approach of analyzing common failure modes of traditional battery design and manufacturing and has developed robust solutions that are remarkable simplifications in design and production technique. Using the company's vast knowledge and experience in industrial and military battery development, Nilar has introduced a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery with the company's patented Membrane Technology that enables performance breakthroughs in energy and power density and simplification in pack integration and control. For more information visit

About CMP

CMP Technology is a marketing solutions company serving the technology industry. Through its market-leading portfolio of trusted information brands, CMP has earned the confidence of more technology professionals than any other media company. As a result, CMP is the premier provider of access, insight and actionable programs designed to connect sellers and buyers in ways that yield superior return on investment. CMP Technology is a subsidiary of United Business Media (, a global provider of news distribution and specialist information services with a market capitalization of more than $3 billion.

About Techmash

CMP Technology will celebrate the spirit of collaboration and combined brain power at TechMash Boston 2007. TechMash 2007 will include The Embedded Systems Conference; the industry's largest international embedded technical conference and exhibition, Software Development Best Practices; a strategic forum for senior software developers, RFID World Boston, focused on security, privacy and authentification issues for the community that is using, building, leveraging, and driving radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Near Field Communications(NFC); focused on the next wave in connectivity and commerce.

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