UBM Electronics Datasheets.com Grows 360% in Six Months

Website Redesigned with New Functionality to Optimize Search for Electronic Components by Engineers

Feb 21, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- UBM Electronics, the daily source of essential business and technical information for the electronics industry's decision makers, today announced Datasheets.com, a website created for design engineers and electronics purchasing professionals to quickly and easily find electronics parts and inventory, has grown 360 percent in online traffic since it was launched in July 2011 from 36,464 to 167,651.  The website, produced in partnership with SiliconExpert Technologies, has also been redesigned with new functionality to optimize the search for electronics components by engineers.

"The growth of Datasheets.com showcases the critical need of a website dedicated to engineers and purchasing professionals to quickly and easily find the parts and inventory they need to bring new technologies to market," said David Blaza, VP, UBM Electronics. "We've added significant new features and functionality to assist our audience search and purchase key components to solve their design needs and we are very proud to offer the only search engine in the industry that provides instant search results for electronic part numbers as an engineer types.  The enhanced development of this site continues the strategic growth of our business of reach, services and commerce."

Key new functionality includes:

  • Instant search results for electronic part numbers as an engineer types the part number so component results can be browsed as each letter is typed.  This enables engineers to get quicker and easier results for queries.
  • Conducting multiple searches by eliminating one character at a time is no longer necessary to increase the number of search results. Users can find all options of the part number or part family when they type their query from the leftmost character to the right. This "left-to-right" approach combined with Datasheets.com's database allows for less searches, more productivity and higher relevancy.
  • A dedicated section for electronic part buyers to search for available inventory from dozens of authorized distributors in a seamless, intuitive view. As soon as a part can be identified, all available inventory from multiple distributors is available.
  • Linkage to parts mentioned in news, design and product review articles enable users to get directly to Datasheets.com to get up-to-date info about a part and its specifications.


Later this month, Datasheets.com will also support pricing information from multiple distributors in a single view.

Electronics engineers and electronics purchasing professionals can register for Datasheets.com for free at www.datasheets.com.

Manufacturers interested in adding an active data feed of electronic parts free of charge, click here.  Distributors interested in adding inventory stock and have it listed next to part numbers searched by thousands of engineers daily for no charge, click here. (Datasheets.com only accepts inventory feeds from authorized distributors.)

Technology vendors interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact Bob Dumas at bob.dumas@ubm.com or 516 562 5742.

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