UBM Tech Report Cuts Through SDN Confusion

Dec 23, 2013

NEW YORK, Dec. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As networking technology suppliers, service providers, and enterprises have moved closer to implementing software-defined networking, buyers have voiced growing concern about the confusion surrounding the debates over open versus proprietary approaches and choices between software and hardware approaches to functionality.

Now, Light Reading, UBM Tech, and UBM DeusM's Service Provider IT Report (www.serviceproviderITreport.com) have come to the aid of buyers, suppliers, and communication service providers who are searching for clarification on how SDN works and the merits of the competing approaches. We are announcing the availability of a special report, SDN: Physical vs. Logical.

The report, authored by electrical engineer and UBM Tech contributor Kurt Marko, draws on his tremendous knowledge of systems and networking design, as well as survey research by InformationWeek.

"I believe that everyone in the tech sector recognizes the inherent value in applying virtualization concepts to, not only the corporate network, but also the service provider networks that are the backbone of our communications infrastructure," said James M. Connolly, editor in chief of the Service Provider IT Report. "The challenge is in identifying the best approaches to SDN and guiding buyers at both the enterprise and service provider levels through the decision-making process. Kurt's report establishes a strong foundation for the decision process."

Marko's report, SDN: Physical vs. Logical, is available now in the Information Resources section of the Service Provider IT Report -- the community for service provider IT and OSS professionals -- sponsored by Dorado Software.

Carly Cohen
Marketing Coordinator, UBM DeusM

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