UBM Tech Radio Show Highlights Keys to Success With Hybrid Clouds

Mar 26, 2014

NEW YORK, March 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Organizations are taking the next step in their cloud computing strategies by extending their private cloud infrastructure out to public cloud providers with hybrid clouds.

Those hybrid clouds enable IT organizations to make use of the additional compute power available in the public cloud and to integrate the wealth of data resources that can be found in the public cloud. The public cloud's on-demand compute resources give an enterprise the flexibility it needs to scale its applications quickly during peak business periods. The additional data sources found in the public cloud can supplement a company's internal databases, offering the organization better views of its markets, customers, and business opportunities.

However, a move to a hybrid cloud environment isn't without its pitfalls. Companies need to ensure that employees and authorized business partners have access to data and applications when and where they need it while protecting information resources and customer data. The changing landscape presented by the cloud in general, and by hybrid clouds in particular, means extra care must be taken to ensure regulatory compliance.

Companies can find success with hybrid clouds. In fact, many companies are achieving benefits today, and there are opportunities to learn from their experiences. UBM Tech's The Enterprise Cloud Site (www.TheEnterpriseCloud.com) is hosting an online radio show featuring guest speaker Michael Biddick, CEO of Fusion PPT on Thursday, March 27, at 1:00 p.m. EDT (10:00 a.m. PDT).

Biddick, who also will present at UBM Tech's Interop show and the co-located Cloud Connect Summit March 31-April 4 in Las Vegas, will discuss "Strategies for Success with Your Hybrid Cloud" in Thursday's radio show, sponsored by AT&T.

Biddick, whose company advises enterprise organizations on cloud strategies, will discuss topics such as how some organizations already are finding benefits in hybrid clouds, how to manage and provision a hybrid cloud, what tools are available for managing those clouds, and how to ensure that a hybrid cloud initiative is compliant with best-practices and government or industry regulations.

Audience members can discuss the topics via text chat throughout the full hour of the event. Along with the 30-minute audio portion of the radio show, Biddick and TECS editor and host James Connolly will join the text chat for the second half hour.

"Cloud computing has followed a natural path over the past few years, with organizations utilizing secured software-as-a-service applications and then redesigning their IT infrastructure with cloud concepts to build private clouds. Now many of those organizations see opportunities to enrich their private cloud-based applications by tapping into the resources of the public cloud," said Connolly. "Michael Biddick will provide our TECS community with advice drawn from his work with many companies that have already stepped into the hybrid cloud concept."

IT professionals, line-of-business managers, and cloud service providers are invited to join the discussion and learn more about hybrid clouds by registering for "Strategies for Success With Your Hybrid Cloud."

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