Geekend This Week: Can't Stand Still Edition

In the latest installment of's Geekend series, author David Wagner finds that people would rather gnaw their own foot off than sit still for a few minutes.

Jul 11, 2014

NEW YORK, July 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- What's worse: sitting still for a few minutes with your own thoughts in a quiet room or spending the time to chew your own leg off? If you said turning your leg into dinner, you'd actually be wrong. But the real answer is just as shocking.

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In the latest installment of his Geekend series on, editor David Wagner takes a sometimes serious and sometimes humorous look at a University of Virginia study that found most people would rather spend time buzzing themselves with electric currents rather than sit alone in a room for 15 minutes with only their thoughts to keep them occupied (sorry – no smartphones allowed). What's up with that? Find out here.

Each week, Wagner takes a look at a variety of scientific studies that look at the convergence of technology and human behavior to see how we're changing our world, and how the world we built is changing us. This week, Wagner asks the question of what we do when we're alone in a world filled with mindless distractions.

Can you stand the silence? Check out this week's Geekend and try it yourself.

Scott Ferguson
Community Editorial Director, UBM Tech

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