IT & Age Discrimination: 9 Job Tips for Older Workers

Information Week has been tracking the plight of older IT workers in today's competitive job market. Kevin Casey offers a series of nine tips to help these workers overcome age discrimination and land a coveted position.

Jul 17, 2014

NEW YORK, July 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For older workers seeking a new job, or trying to stay relevant in their current positions, age discrimination is difficult to prove in court. This is especially important in the IT field, where hot startups seek out younger developers to help create a certain atmosphere and perception.

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Yet, in a series of articles and polls, has discovered that most IT employees believe that ageism is rampant in tech.

In fact, nearly 70 percent of IT workers responding to a recent reader's poll on Information Week say they have either witnessed age discrimination or have been a victim of it at some point. While it's hard to pin down, InformationWeek research has found that in the IT world, the median age at which salaries peak is 46 for staffers, and some managers start to see their wages decline after this age.

What are older IT workers to do? While there are few easy answers, writer Kevin Casey finds there are nine important and significant steps IT professionals can take to help them secure a job in a new company or to secure their place with their current employer. From emphasizing skills over experience, to finding the right "fit," Casey writes: "There are plenty of steps you can take to make your age an asset rather than a hindrance in your job search."

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