Agile Adoption: On InformationWeek, GE Capital Shows Other Enterprises the Way

Writing in InformationWeek, Eric Reed, the chief technology officer of GE Capital, explains how his company is adopting the agile approach to development, and why your IT department should as well.

Jul 22, 2014

NEW YORK, July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to agile development, GE Capital is taking an all-in approach.

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In fact, Eric Reed, the Chief Technology Officer for GE Capital, writes on InformationWeek this week that his firm is a major beneficiary of this approach to software development, and he believes that other enterprise IT departments can benefit from agile as well.

At GE Capital, Reed believes that speed, especially when it comes to software development and giving the customers what they need, is not everything.

Reed writes: "An even more important benefit of agile is its iterative nature, which means that companies have a better chance of giving their customers exactly what they want when they want it. We deliver 'minimal viable products' or 'MVPs,' which are based on a core set of requirements and then further customized with customer input, every couple of weeks. This ensures the customer is invested in the development project and timeline, and therefore more likely to be satisfied with the outcome."

In his article, Reed states four reasons for developing an agile methodology, including embracing a different style of governance, getting all the different departments to buy-into agile, taking steps toward a whole agile culture, and preparing for a more competitive future with other companies that have already made the leap.

To learn more about GE Capital and agile development, check out InformationWeek and leave your questions and comments on the site.

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