InformationWeek Asks: Is There Gender Bias in Your IT Department?

InformationWeek's recent flash poll finds that just about half of the publication's readers have seen gender discrimination in their IT departments or have been a victim of it themselves

Aug 12, 2014

NEW YORK, Aug. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to some of the biggest tech companies – Google, Facebook – it's clear, by their own statistics, that they are male-dominated. An InformationWeek survey shows that this problem extends throughout the IT industry, with half of all IT professionals personally witnessing gender discrimination.

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Whether it's the financial industry, or healthcare, or government, they've all been affected.

In reporting on the results of InformationWeek's latest flash poll, Community Editor Susan Nunziata finds that nearly 50 percent of readers who responded found some type of gender bias within their IT groups.

The InformationWeek poll, which included about 3,000 respondents, found that about 34 percent of readers had seen gender bias or discrimination, while approximately 16 percent have been actual victims of it. On the other side, about 48 percent of readers responded that they have not seen gender bias.

In her report, Nunziata writes:

"As with all forms of discrimination, gender bias can be blatant or it can be subtle. So while those respondents who say they've never witnessed it may be fortunate enough to work for truly enlightened companies, it's also possible that the sexism was so de facto that they didn't even recognize it."

To read more about what InformationWeek readers think about gender bias in the IT workplace, read the full story here. Check out InformationWeek every day to see how technology is changing our lives and the way we work. As always, we welcome your questions and comments.

Scott Ferguson
Community Editorial Director, UBM Tech

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