Interop ITX Addresses Growing Needs of the Enterprise IT Community with Dedicated Artificial Intelligence Programming

2017 event will feature AI content via new Data & Analytics track, AI Theater and Demo Showcase, and The Future of Data Summit

Mar 29, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Interop ITX, the independent conference for tech leaders, today announced new artificial intelligence (AI) components created to further the education of its IT community. This year's event will explore both the education and practical application of AI through the all new Data & Analytics track, AI Theater and Demo Showcase, and The Future of Data Summit. AI content will explore a range of areas from business strategy and case studies, to specific tasks and application usage.

Interop ITX will take place May 15 – 19, 2017 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. For more information and to register, please visit:   

Enterprises are collecting more data than ever before and while nearly half of large enterprises are already experimenting with AI, many struggle to understand and implement it in their organizations. Interop ITX's new AI components will provide the greater IT community with information and real-world use cases on how this technology is being built into enterprise platforms, and will offer insight on how to transform the way everyday tasks are completed.

Data & Analytics 
The new Data & Analytics track will provide attendees with a way to leverage and explore the massive amounts of data their organizations obtain by examining database frameworks and integration, data governance and protection. Attendees will also learn how to get the most value from their data with AI, the Internet of Things, big data analytics and machine learning.

To view the full list of 2017 tracks, visit:

AI Theater and Demo Showcase
As the deficiency of IT skills continues and the use of AI in enterprises increases, IT professionals need to learn how to determine where AI-related skill shortages exist in their own businesses, and how to build a case for more resources. The AI Theater and Demo Showcase is dedicated to the practical application of AI, deep learning and machine learning for traditional enterprise applications including tasks spanning dynamic pricing of insurance, perfecting retail customer experience, optimizing job cost and reducing transportation expenses, among others. Case studies will be presented by businesses employing successful AI strategies and will provide strategic guidance and suggestions for attendees to utilize in their respective businesses. Accompanying the AI Theater is the Demo Showcase, which provides a hands-on lab demonstrating real-world AI technologies.

AI Theater Schedule:

  • Wednesday, May 17: 10:45am4:30pm
  • Thursday, May 18: 10:45am2:15pm

Demo Showcase Schedule:

  • Tuesday, May 16: 5pm7pm
  • Wednesday, May 17: 10:30am6:30pm
  • Thursday, May 18: 10:30am2:30pm

To learn more about the AI Theater and Demo Showcase, visit: 

"AI and machine learning are trending topics in the industry, however the conversations around them typically focus on more sensational and futuristic aspects, such as self-thinking robots or fleets of driverless cars. While AI does have these abilities, it can also transform the way we work," said Brian Gillooly, AI editorial lead and review board member. "With the AI Theater and Demo Showcase, we are addressing the needs of the IT community by providing them with the opportunity to learn how to apply AI in their day-to-day business from experts and individuals that are currently and successfully using it."

Notable speakers in the AI Theater and Demo Showcase include:

  • Mark Minevich, founder, Going Global will speak to his global experience with AI and the rapid evolution of companies. Minevich will also discuss how AI will help companies better understand the automation of business processes through machine learning and AI.
  • Simon Chan, senior director of product management, Salesforce Einstein, will explain how companies are beginning to add exponential levels of intelligence to their everyday IT platforms, such as Salesforce Automation, and how implementing AI-enabled products and services can be easily done.
  • Kathryn Hume, director of sales and marketing, Fast Forward Labs, will provide real-world examples of how companies can develop a framework for applied AI research that is useful for building products, and how they can refit their IT infrastructure and organization to transition conceptual AI theories to applied products.
  • Paul Chapman, CIO, Box, will share his playbook for delivering on the promise of AI-enabled technologies. AI can be extremely useful in the average IT enterprise and Chapman will discuss how CIOs and IT professionals need to understand its impact and champion its integration throughout the enterprise.

The Future of Data Summit
The Future of Data Summit will explore the tremendous opportunities offered by enterprise data and how it can be harnessed today and in the future. In this two-day event curated by Sam Charrington, industry analyst and host of This Week in Machine Learning and AI Podcast, attendees will dive into AI, machine learning and deep learning, Internet of Things, fog computing, virtual and augmented reality, and the bitcoin blockchain, and discuss how practical applications of these technologies transform businesses.

Noteworthy Summit speakers include: 

  • Joshua Bloom, CTO, chairman and founder, (GE), will share his experience building AI solutions to tackle a variety of enterprise challenges including automating customer support, predicting equipment maintenance and optimizing business performance, and operating these solutions in production.
  • Rumman Chowdhury, senior manager, Accenture AI, will discuss the societal, legal and market drivers that demand a framework for ensuring the ethical and responsible behavior of enterprise-scale AI solutions, and how to apply them in an organization. 
  • James McCaffrey, research engineer, Microsoft Research, will explore deep neural networks, the technology responsible for major breakthroughs in AI such as speech recognition (Siri, Cortana and Alexa), facial recognition and self-driving cars.

The Future of Data Summit Schedule:

  • Monday, May 15: 9am5pm
  • Tuesday, May 16: 9am5pm

For more information about The Future of Data Summit, visit: 

"We are very excited to offer comprehensive, AI-focused programming at Interop ITX this year and enable attendees to better understand AI and machine learning, and how practical applications of these technologies can further business practices," said Meghan Reilly, general manager, Interop ITX. "Attendees will take away AI-related skills from these events and empower themselves with real-world applications that they can utilize to create positive change within their organizations."

To learn more about Interop ITX's AI programming and how AI can be successfully applied in your organization, visit Brian Gillooly's blog:  

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