CMP Technology's Dr. Dobb's Announces Finalists for the 17th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards

Jan 23, 2007

CMP Technology's Dr. Dobb's today announced the finalists for this year's Jolt Product Excellence Awards. The 106 finalists in 17 categories were chosen by a team of esteemed editors, columnists, and industry gurus.

For the past 16 years, the Dr. Dobb's Jolt Product Excellence Awards have been presented annually to showcase products that have "jolted" the industry with their significance and made the task of creating software faster, easier, and more efficient. Jolt Cola, the fabled soft drink quaffed by software developers for sustenance during project development marathons, sponsors the awards presentation.

"The changes in the software development field occur rapidly and what's jolting one year may not be jolting the next," commented Dr. Dobb's Awards and Events Manager Rosalyn Lum. "Competition to stay ahead is fierce and competition fosters innovation. This year's Jolt Award finalists represent those companies that keep innovation alive. To keep pace with this innovative and changing field, we've introduced a Collaboration Tools category to reward products that impact how developers work and an Enterprise Tools category, which honors tools that focus on all facets of communication, providing companies a competitive advantage.

"In the next phase, we'll be 'looking under the hood' at these select products, not only examining the standard criteria of audience suitability, productivity, innovation, quality, ROI, risk, and flexibility, but also seeking products that are: ahead of the curve; universally useful; simple, yet rich in functionality; redefine their product space; or solve a nagging problem that has consistently eluded other products and books."

The awards ceremony will take place on March 21, 2007 at the 20th Software Development Conference & Expo West at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

One Jolt Award and three Productivity Awards will be presented for each category.

  The finalists are:

  Books (Practical/General Developer Interest)
      *Agile Software Development:  The Cooperative Game (Addison-Wesley) by
       Alistair Cockburn
      *Catastrophe Disentanglement (Addison-Wesley) by E. M. Bennatan
      *Eric Sink on the Business of Software (Apress) by Eric Sink
      *Practices of an Agile Developer (Pragmatic Bookshelf) by Venkat
       Subramaniam and Andy Hunt
      *Software Creativity 2.0 (DeveloperDotStar) by Robert L. Glass
      *Software Estimation:  Demystifying the Black Art (Microsoft Press) by
       Steve McConnell
      *Weinberg on Writing:  The Fieldstone Method (Dorset House) by Gerald
       M. Weinberg

  Books (Technical)
      *Code Quality (Addison-Wesley) by Diomidis Spinellis
      *How to Break Web Software (Addison-Wesley) by M. Andrews, J.
      *Java Concurrency in Practice (Addison-Wesley) by Brian Goetz et al
      *Rails Recipes (Pragmatic Bookshelf) by Chad Fowler
      *Refactoring Databases (Addison-Wesley) by Scott W. Ambler and P. J.
      *Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (O'Reilly) by B.
       McLaughlin, G. Pollice and D. West
      *Ruby Cookbook (O'Reilly) by Lucas Carlson and Leonard Richardson
      *CSS:  The Missing Manual (O'Reilly) by David Sawyer McFarland

  Change and Configuration Management
      *AccuRev with AccuWorkflow (Accurev)
      *AnthillPro3 (Urbancode)
      *Automated Build Studio (AutomatedQA)
      *FLEXnet Connect (Macrovision)
      *Perforce SCM (Perforce Software)
      *Team Foundation Server (Microsoft Corporation)
      *CA Wily Introscope ChangeDetector (CA/Wily Technology)

  Collaboration Tools
      *Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional (Adobe Systems)
      *Code Collaborator (Smart Bear Software)
      *Confluence (Atlassian Software Systems)
      *NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems)
      *Sugar Professional (SugarCRM)
      *TeamCity (JetBrains)

  Database Engines and Data Tools
      *Coral8 Engine (Coral8)
      *dbdeploy (ThoughtWorks)
      *MarkLogic Server (Mark Logic)
      *SQL Anywhere (Sybase iAnywhere)
      *SQL Refactor (Red Gate Software)
      *Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals

   Design and Modeling
      *Compuware OptimalJ (Compuware)
      *Corticon Business Rules Modeling Studio (Corticon Technologies)
      *MagicDraw UML (No Magic)
      *RAVEN (Ravenflow)
      *stpBA Storyboarding for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
       (stpsoft ltd.)
      *Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite (DataDirect Technologies)

   Development Environments
      *EiffelStudio Open Source Edition (Eiffel Software)
      *IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
      *IronPython (Microsoft)
      *Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express, XNA Framework (Microsoft)
      *NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems)
      *Wolfram Workbench (Wolfram Research)

  Enterprise Tools
      *Cape Clear ESB Platform (Cape Clear Software)
      *Liferay Portal (Liferay)
      *Mule (MuleSource)
      *Appistry EAF (Appistry)
      *Pentaho Open BI Suite (Pentaho)
      *TeamCity (JetBrains)

  Libraries, Frameworks and Components
      *JViews (ILOG)
      *NetAdvantage for .NET (Infragistics)
      *telerik r.a.d.controls for WinForms (Telerik)
      *.NET Framework 3.0 (Microsoft)
      *Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel)
      *Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express, XNA Framework (Microsoft)
      *The Mono Project (Novell)

  Mobile Development
      *AccuSPEECH (Vangard Voice Systems)
      *Carbide .c++ Professional Edition (Nokia)
      *Crossfire (AppForge)
      *Qtopia Greenphone (Trolltech)
      *NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 and Sun Java Wireless Tookit 2.2 (Sun
      *Qtopia (Trolltech)

  Project Management Tools
      *6th Sense Analytics (6th Sense Analytics)
      *DevPlan (TechExcel)
      *Rally Enterprise (Rally Software)
      *TargetProcess (TargetProcess)
      *Teamwork (Open Lab)
      *V1:  Agile Enterprise (VersionOne)

      *AppScan (Watchfire)
      *beSTORM (Beyond Security)
      *DevInspect (S.P.I. Dynamics)
      *Fortify Defender (Fortify Software)
      *Fortify Source Code Analysis (SCA) (Fortify Software)
      *Metasploit Framework (Metasploit)

  Automated Testing Tools
      *AgitarOne (Agitar Software)
      *CodePro AnalytiX (Instantiations)
      *Mindreef SOAPscope (Mindreef)
      *Parasoft Jtest (Parasoft)
      *Parasoft SOAtest (Parasoft)
      *TestComplete (AutomatedQA)

  Bug and Defect Tracking Tools
      *JIRA (Atlassian Software Systems)
      *OnTime 2007 Hosted (Axosoft)
      *Software Planner Professional (Pragmatic Software Co.)
      *TestTrack Studio (Seapine Software)

      *Adobe Captivate 2 (Adobe Systems)
      *AutoPatch (Tacit Knowledge)
      *ElectricCommander (Electric Cloud)
      *TEKchecker and StyleWriter (ClearSpecs Enterprises)
      *TextMate (MacroMates)
      *VMware Lab Manager (VMware)

  Web Development
      *Adobe Flex 2 (Adobe Systems)
      *IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
      *Kapow Mashup Server (Kapow Technologies)
      *LignUp Communications Application Server (LignUp)
      *Mindreef SOAPscope Server (Mindreef)
      *NetBeans Visual Web Pack (Sun Microsystems)

  Web Sites/Developer Networks
      *CM Crossroads (CMC Media)
      *IBM developerWorks (IBM)
      *Sun Developer Network (Sun Microsystems)
      * (Koders)
      *Krugle (Krugle)
      * (O'Reilly)
      *The Code Project (The Code Project)

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