CMP Media's Software Development Magazine Announces Winners for the 14th Annual Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards

57 Products and 1 Hall of Fame Winner Honored

Mar 18, 2004

Winners of the 14th Annual Software Development Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards were announced last night, Wednesday, March 17, by the editors of Software Development magazine. The Jolt awards ceremony was held at the SD West Conference & Exposition at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California's Silicon Valley.

For the past 14 years, Software Development Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards have been presented annually to products, books and websites that have "jolted" the industry by helping to create faster, easier and more efficient software. Jolt cola, the fabled soft drink used by software developers for sustenance during development projects, sponsors the awards presentation.

More than 92 companies and 800 attendees were at the awards ceremony, where Ivar Jacobson (Co-Founder of the UML & Rational Unified Process), David Astels (author of "Test-Driven Development: A Practical Guide") and Mary Poppendieck (renowned management consultant and author), among other industry gurus, were honored.

"This was a year for certain trends to 'come of age': There were many more open source offerings nominated and recognized than in years past -- clearly a statement that open source has matured enough to gain recognition and trust in the developer community. Along with mind-blowingly creative entries such as MindManager; the Corda package including PopChart, OptiMap and Builder 5.0; and the bundling of Macromedia's groundbreaking suite will clearly impact the productivity of our readers. An exciting array of talent was represented this evening," said Technical Editor Rosalyn Lum.

"As always, recognizing winners from such a stellar batch of tools is extremely difficult. In some cases, the surprise entrant overshadowed its more seasoned competition, while in others, perennial excellence took the prize. In the case of Macromedia, we felt it was high time, in this post-boom landscape, to honor a dot-com tool that's become the standard for front-end Web design -- and that's paved the way, indeed, for an entire suite of popular tools that have codified the more esoteric tasks of Web development," said Alexandra Weber Morales, Editor in Chief.

One Jolt Award and three Productivity Awards are presented for each category. Jolt Product Excellence Award winners receive a coveted trophy -- a can of Jolt cola encased in Lucite.

  The 2004 winners by category are:

  Books -- General
  -- Jolt Award: Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects by
     Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister (Dorset House)
  -- Productivity Award: The Art of UNIX Programming by Eric S. Raymond
  -- Productivity Award: Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit by Mary
     Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck (Addison-Wesley)
  -- Productivity Award:  Pragmatic Starter Kit by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt
     (The Pragmatic Programmers)

  Books -- Technical
  -- Jolt Award: Test-Driven Development: A Practical Guide by David Astels
     (Prentice Hall)
  -- Productivity Award: About Face 2.0 by Alan Cooper and Robert Reimann
     (John Wiley & Sons)
  -- Productivity Award: Agile Database Techniques: Effective Strategies for
     the Agile Software Developer by Scott W. Ambler (John Wiley & Sons)
  -- Productivity Award: Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective by
     Diomidis Spinellis (Addison-Wesley)

  Business Integration and Data Tools
  -- Jolt Award: JRules 4.5 (ILOG)
  -- Productivity Award: DT/Studio 2.0 (Embarcadero)
  -- Productivity Award: Mapforce 2004 (Altova)
  -- Productivity Award: Unify NXJ 10.0 (Unify)

  Change and Configuration Management Tools
  -- Jolt Award: AccuRev 3.3.1 (AccuRev)
  -- Productivity Award: BitKeeper Pro 3.0 (BitMover)
  -- Productivity Award: ClearCase Change Management Solution Enterprise
     Edition (IBM Rational)
  -- Productivity Award: Perforce SCM System 2003.1 (Perforce Software)

  Design and Analysis Tools
  -- Jolt Award: MindManager X5 Pro (Mindjet)
  -- Productivity Award: Borland Together Edition for Eclipse 6.1 (Borland)
  -- Productivity Award: Visual Paradigm for UML 3.0 (Visual Paradigm)
  -- Productivity Award: WayPointer 3.0 (Jaczone)

  Languages and Development Environments
  -- Jolt Award: The Eclipse IDE and Application Framework 2.1 (Eclipse --
     open source)
  -- Productivity Award: AspectJ 1.1 (Eclipse -- open source)
  -- Productivity Award: IntelliJ IDEA 3.0 (JetBrains)
  -- Productivity Award: OS X Xcode Tools (Apple Computer)

  Libraries, Frameworks, and Components
  -- Jolt Award: Hibernate 2.1 (Hibernate -- open source)
  -- Productivity Award: JViews 5.5 (ILOG)
  -- Productivity Award: Prevayler 1.02.002 (Klaus Wuestefeld -- open
  -- Productivity Award: JClass ServerViews 4.0 (Quest Software)

  Mobile Development Tools
  -- Jolt Award: Sun J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 (Sun Microsystems)
  -- Productivity Award: Crossfire 5 (AppForge)
  -- Productivity Award: IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer 5.6 (IBM)
  -- Productivity Award: Pocket PowerBuilder 1.0 (Sybase)

  Project Management Tools
  -- Jolt Award: V1: XP 1.0 (VersionOne)
  -- Productivity Award: Estimate Easy Use Case 1.1 (Duvessa Software)
  -- Productivity Award: Microsoft Office Project Pro 2003 (Microsoft)
  -- Productivity Award: TestTrack Pro 6.1 (Seapine Software)

  Security Tools
  -- Jolt Award: Network Probe 1.0 (ObjectPlanet)
  -- Productivity Award: eSafe 4.0 (Aladdin Knowledge Systems)
  -- Productivity Award: OrangeSpam 1.0.3 (Cobion)
  -- Productivity Award: Reactivity 2300 Series XML Firewall (Reactivity)

  Testing Tools
  -- Jolt Award: TestComplete 3.0 (AutomatedQA)
  -- Productivity Award: Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 7.0 (Intel)
  -- Productivity Award: Jtest 5.0 (Parasoft)
  -- Productivity Award: QA Wizard 2.2 (Seapine Software)

  -- Jolt Award: PopChart, OptiMap and Builder 5.0 (Corda)
  -- Productivity Award: DevPartner Studio Professional Edition 7.1
  -- Productivity Award: Virtual PC 2004 (Microsoft)
  -- Productivity Award: Visual Build Professional 5.0 (Kinook Software)

  Web Development Tools
  -- Jolt Award: Macromedia Studio MX 2004 (Macromedia)
  -- Productivity Award: Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe)
  -- Productivity Award: SOAPscope 2.0 (Mindreef)
  -- Productivity Award: WebLogic Workshop 8.1 (BEA)

  Websites and Developer Networks
  -- Jolt Award: IBM developerWorks (IBM)
  -- Productivity Award: (
  -- Productivity Award: O'Reilly Network (O'Reilly)
  -- Productivity Award: (

  Hall of Fame
  -- Dreamweaver (Macromedia)

More information on the Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards is available at .

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