CSI Announces 29th Annual Computer Security Conference and Exhibition To Be Held November 11-13, 2002 in Chicago

Jun 14, 2002

Computer Security Institute (CSI) announces its 29th Annual Computer Security Conference and Exhibition to be held November 11-13, 2002 at the Hilton Chicago Towers. Over 3000 computer and information security professionals from around the world will gather at this event to learn and share the latest technologies and strategies for navigating the challenges of electronic commerce, remote access and computer crime.

The conference will offer more than 130 sessions focused on the hottest security solutions for securing networks and Internet connections. Topics will include managed services, privacy, computer crime, network intrusions and countermeasures, distributed denial of service attacks, Internet security, secure e-commerce, VPNs, cryptography, viruses, management and awareness issues and more.

One of the most popular annual conference sessions, "Meet the Enemy," features a live teleconference where attendees interact directly with hackers, to learn how to better protect the valuable information assets of their organizations.

"This event is the largest of its kind in the industry," states Patrice Rapalus, director of Computer Security Institute. "Each year attendees meet at the Annual Conference to enhance their skills, learn from the experts and come away better prepared to do battle in their challenge. Each year the security threats grow; it is essential that security professionals keep current on the ways to counteract and defend against those threats."

Over 180 vendors will be announcing and exhibiting their products and services at the 29th Annual Exhibition November 10-12. Products in the areas of firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, authentication, single sign-on, telecommunications, remote access and Internet monitoring are among the many that will be displayed. Many innovative new products will debut at the show.

For more information, contact CSI at 415-947-6320 or visit the CSI website at http://www.gocsi.com/.

Established in 1974, Computer Security Institute is the leading international membership organization dedicated to serving the information security professional through a wide variety of educational programs, training and publications. For more information on the 29th Annual Conference and Exhibition and a free conference catalog when available, visit the CSI website at http://www.gocsi.com/, contact Computer Security Institute at 415-947-6320; e-mail csi@cmp.com; or fax 415-947-6023.


SOURCE: Computer Security Institute

CONTACT: Patrice Rapalus of Computer Security Institute,
+1-415-947-6370, or prapalus@cmp.com

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