CMP's Dr. Dobb's Announces Finalists for the 18th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards

Jan 7, 2008

CMP's Dr. Dobb's today announced the finalists for this year's Jolt Product Excellence Awards. The 98 finalists in 16 categories were chosen by a team of esteemed industry insiders, columnists, and technology leaders.

For the past 17 years, the Dr. Dobb's Jolt Product Excellence Awards have been presented annually to showcase products that have "jolted" the industry with their significance and made the task of creating software faster, easier, and more efficient. Jolt Cola, the fabled soft drink quaffed by software developers for sustenance during project development marathons, sponsors the awards presentation.

"The Jolt judges have selected these finalists from among hundreds of qualified nominations. The nominees represent a cross-section of innovative tools for every phase of the software development lifecycle," said Amber Ankerholz, Conference Manager for Dr. Dobb's Events. "In the next round of the process, the judges will take an in-depth look at the finalists, examining the standard criteria of audience suitability, productivity, innovation, quality, ROI, risk, and flexibility, but also seeking products that are: ahead of the curve, universally useful, simple yet rich in functionality, or that have solved a nagging problem in their product space."

The awards ceremony will take place on March 5, 2008 at the 21st annual Software Development Conference & Expo West at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

One Jolt Award and three Productivity Awards will be presented in each category.

  The finalists are:

  General Books
  -- Beautiful Code edited by Andy Oram and Greg Wilson (O'Reilly)
  -- Geekonomics: The Real Cost of Insecure Software by David Rice
     (Addison-Wesley Professional)
  -- Manage It!: Your Guide to Modern Pragmatic Project Management by
     Johanna Rothman (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
  -- Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun (O'Reilly)
  -- Outside In Software Development by Carl Kessler and John Sweitzer
     (IBM Press)
  -- Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software by Michael T.
     Nygard (Pragmatic Bookshelf)

  Technical Books
  -- Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk by
     Paul Duvall, Steve Matyas, Andrew Glover (Addison-Wesley Professional)
  -- Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery by Michael Sutton, Adam
     Greene, Pedram Amini (Addison-Wesley Professional)
  -- Head First SQL Your Brain on SQL - A Learner's Guide by Lynn Beighley
  -- The Rails Way by Obie Fernandez (Addison-Wesley Professional)
  -- WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan (Sams Publishing)
  -- xUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code by Gerard Meszaros
     (Addison-Wesley Professional)

  Change and Configuration Management
  -- AccuRev 4.6 for ClearCase (AccuRev)
  -- FishEye (Atlassian formerly Cenqua)
  -- IncrediBuild (Xoreax Software)
  -- Perforce SCM system (Perforce Software)
  -- Surround SCM (Seapine Software)
  -- SourceGear DiffMerge (SourceGear)

  Collaboration Tools
  -- Code Collaborator (Smart Bear)
  -- Codebeamer 5.0 (Intland)
  -- CollabNet CUBiT (CollabNet)
  -- Confluence (Atlassian)
  -- Mingle (Thoughtworks)
  -- TeamCity (JetBrains)

  Database Engines and Data Tools
  -- Aleri Streaming Platform (Aleri)
  -- AquaLogic Data Services Platform (BEA Systems)
  -- Coral8 Engine (Coral8, Inc)
  -- Crystal Reports (Business Objects)
  -- DBArtisan (Embarcadero Technologies)
  -- EnterpriseDB Advanced Server (EnterpriseDB)
  -- Toad for Oracle (Quest Software)

  Design and Modeling Tools
  -- BigLever Software Gears (BigLever Software)
  -- Corticon Business Rules Modeling Studio (Corticon Technologies)
  -- Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems)
  -- IBM Rational Software Architect (IBM)
  -- Serena Mashup Composer (Serena Software)
  -- Structure101 for Java (Headway Software)

  Development Environments
  -- Alpha Five version 8 (Alpha Software)
  -- CodeRush/Refactor! Pro (Developer Express)
  -- IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
  -- Komodo IDE 4 (ActiveState)
  -- NetBeans IDE 6 (Sun Microsystems)
  -- QNX Momentics IDE 4 (QNX Software Systems)

  Enterprise Tools
  -- Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (Adobe Systems)
  -- Foglight (Quest Software)
  -- Kapow Mashup Server - Web 2.0 Edition (Kapow Technologies)
  -- OutSystems Platform 4.1 (OutSystems)
  -- Rally Enterprise (Rally Enterprise)
  -- Sugar 5.0 (SugarCRM)

  Libraries, Frameworks and Components
  -- Eclipse Modeling Project (Eclipse)
  -- Guice (Google)
  -- JasperReports (JasperSoft)
  -- Qt Jambi (Trolltech)
  -- Spring Framework (SpringSource)
  -- Zend Framework (Zend Technologies)

  Mobile Development Tools
  -- Adobe Device Central CS3 (Adobe Systems)
  -- Eclipse Embedded Rich Client Platform (Eclipse Foundation)
  -- Mojax (mFoundry)
  -- NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems)
  -- SunJava Wireless Tk/Netbeans Mobility (Sun Microsystems)
  -- VirtualLogix VLX (VirtualLogix)

  Project Management Tools
  -- Easy Projects .NET (Logic Software)
  -- Rally Enterprise (Rally Enterprise)
  -- ResultSpace (Sapient)
  -- Software Planner (Pragmatic Software)
  -- TargetProcess On-Demand (TargetProcess)
  -- TeamCity (JetBrains)

  Security Tools
  -- AquaLogic Enterprise Security (BEA Systems)
  -- Crowd (Atlassian)
  -- Defensics (Codenomicon)
  -- Fortify Defender (Fortify Software)
  -- GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform (GuardianEdge)
  -- Ounce (Ounce Labs)

  Testing Tools
  -- Clover 2.0 (Atlassian)
  -- JUnit Factory (Agitar Software)
  -- LISA 4 SOA Testing & Validation (iTKO)
  -- Quest Code Tester for Oracle (Quest Software)
  -- SOAPscope Tester (Mindreef)
  -- SQLscaler (Idera/BBS Technologies)
  -- TestComplete Enterprise (AutomatedQA)

  -- Adobe Captivate 3 (Adobe Systems)
  -- Adobe RoboHelp 7 (Adobe Systems)
  -- ANTS Profiler V3 (Red Gate)
  -- DemoWorks 2007 (ComponentOne)
  -- Toad for Data Analysis (Quest Software)
  -- VMware Workstation (VMware)

  Web Development Tools
  -- 3rdRail (CodeGear)
  -- Adobe ColdFusion 8 (Adobe Systems)
  -- Appcelerator Platform (Appcelerator)
  -- IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains)
  -- NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems)
  -- RSSBus (/n software)

  Web Sites/Developer Networks
  -- CM Crossroads (CMC Media)
  -- DevZone (Zend Technologies)
  -- .NET Rocks! and dnrTV (Franklins.Net)
  -- O'Reilly Radar (O'Reilly Media)
  -- Safari Books Online (Safari Books Online)
  -- (The Code Project)

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