Co-Authors of the 'Agile Manifesto' to Keynote at SD Best Practices 2003

Martin Fowler, Robert. C. Martin and Ken Schwaber to give an Agile Update

Other Industry Renowned Keynotes are Watts Humphrey, SEI Fellow, Software Engineering Institute, Ed Yourdon, industry renowned consultant, author and lecturer, and Ted Farrell, Chief Architect and Director of Strategy at Oracle Corporation

Aug 21, 2003

CMP Media's SD Events Group today announced the keynotes for its new East Coast conference, SD Best Practices, September 15 -18, in Boston. This year's keynote lineup includes:

  -- Martin Fowler, Robert C. Martin and Ken Schwaber -- The Agile Manifesto
     was drafted in 2001 by seventeen industry visionaries exploring
     software methodologies. The highest priority of the Agile Manifesto is
     to "satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of
     valuable software."  Fowler, Martin, and Schwaber, three of the
     seventeen authors, will describe some of the successes and failures
     that they've observed and offer their insight on where agile methods
     are heading. Martin Fowler is Chief Scientist of ThoughtWorks Inc.,
     Robert C. Martin is President of Object Mentor Inc., and Ken Schwaber
     is President of Advanced Development Methods, Inc.
  -- Watts Humphrey, SEI Fellow, Software Engineering Institute, will
     discuss the environmental characteristics required for complex creative
     work and how this working situation is typically established. Mr.
     Humphrey joined the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon
     University after his retirement from IBM in 1996. While at SEI, he has
     established the Process Program, led the initial development of the
     Software Capability Maturity Model, and introduced the concepts of
     Software Process Assessment and Software Capability Evaluation. Prior
     to joining SEI, Mr. Humphrey spent 27 years with IBM.
  -- Ed Yourdon, an industry renowned consultant, author and lecturer will
     take a new look at "death march" projects. Mr. Yourdon describes "death
     march" projects as projects that involve intense pressure -- "where the
     only obvious way to succeed is for the entire team to work 16 hours a
     day, 7 days a week with no vacations." Mr. Yourdon will explore the
     five factors involved in reaching success with these projects --
     politics, people, process, project management and tools.
  -- Ted Farrell, Chief Architect and Director of Development Tools for
     Application Development Tools at Oracle Corporation will be exploring
     service oriented architecture in his keynote address.  Mr. Farrell will
     examine the characteristics of this new development approach, its
     impact on existing development teams and applications and give
     recommendations on how best to transition to this new paradigm.

In addition to these dynamic keynote addresses, SD Best Practices offers more than 100 sessions designed to educate attendees about software methodologies, effective management and development tools. "SD boasts a lineup of speakers who are the top innovators in the software development field. They are not following the trends but are creating the program languages, enterprise applications, and methodologies people are talking about today," said Nicole Garbolino, SD Conference Director. "Our close relationship with such visionaries has enabled SD to keep pace and evolve to meet the needs of developers."

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