InformationWeek Launches First InformationWeek Government Digital Issue

Open Government and Government Priorities Top the Agenda for First Digital Issue Dedicated to U.S. Government Technology Professionals

Feb 11, 2010

TechWeb's InformationWeek launched the first InformationWeek Government digital issue this week

The first InformationWeek Government digital issue adds to a robust editorial portfolio of news, insightful articles, analytics research reports, and tools for federal, state and local government IT professionals. This effort is also part of InformationWeek's green initiative, a focused effort to reduce its carbon footprint and to plant trees around the world (

  Editorial highlights from the first issue include:
  --  Open Government Mandate: Federal agencies must increase transparency
      and engage the public in new ways. Here's how they're doing it.
  --  Top Fed Leadership Priorities: Cross-agency collaboration, hiring and
      retaining top talent, and automating processes are some of the biggest
      challenges, according to our Technology Leadership In Government
  --  Obama's Budget For Tech: 2011 budget proposal would cut IT spending
      while steps to cut costs get implemented.
  --  Q&A With Defense CIO: Defense Department Deputy CIO David Wennergren
      talks with J. Nicholas Hoover about what it takes to oversee the
      largest IT budget and organization anywhere.
  --  Q&A With Postal Service CIO: CIO Ross Philo talks with John Foley
      about innovation and automation at the Postal Service.
  --  John Foley: Stop dancing around open government as if it's some sort
      of skunk works and evaluate it based on hard returns.

"InformationWeek Government's sole mission is to specifically address the needs of CIOs, CTOs and other technology executives within government agencies, with the ultimate goal of helping them make informed, intelligent IT decisions," said John Ecke, VP and Group Publisher of InformationWeek Government. "This week's 36-page special digital edition of InformationWeek Government focused on open government is a prime example of how we go about executing on this mission."

InformationWeek Government ( serves government IT professionals tasked with the responsibility of analyzing the technology products, services, policies, and vendor strategies aimed at the public sector.

To download the InformationWeek Government Digital Issue, please visit

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