CMP's InformationWeek Dominates in Reach and Readership Among the Most Powerful Business Technology Buying Audience, According to IntelliQuest CIMS V7.0

Findings Clear Indicators of InformationWeek's Unparalleled Editorial, Circulation and Marketing Strategies

Sep 26, 2000

CMP's InformationWeek Magazine is the best-read publication by the most influential business technology buyers studied in the just released IntelliQuest Computer Industry Media Study (CIMS) v7.0.

IntelliQuest CIMS is an annual study that examines the technology purchasing and media consumption habits of 28.7 million business influencers. The study reveals a core business technology buying audience -- IS (information systems) (1) -- which dominates in average spending, scope of purchase influence and in purchase power of the fifteen major product categories studied. Individuals in this desirable target spend an average of $1,027,838 annually on technology products and services, outspending the study's average influencer by more than 500%.(2)

  IS Publications      IS Audience    Rank      IS Management  Rank

  InformationWeek      241,000        1         180,000        1
  PC Week              228,000        2         140,000        2
  InfoWorld            187,000        3         133,000        4
  Computerworld        175,000        4         135,000        3
  CIO                  143,000        5         131,000        5

  #1 in Reach to Buyers of Business Technology

Additionally, InformationWeek delivers the greatest reach to IS across all of the fifteen major technology product categories studied, including computer systems, computer software, Internet/intranet/extranet products and services, and networking and peripherals. (3)

  InformationWeek Readers - Influential Business Technology Decision-Makers
  -- The average InformationWeek reader spends $895,269 annually on
     technology products and services -- again dwarfing the study's average
     influencer in spending by more than $700,000.(4)

  -- InformationWeek leads all IS titles in readership among respondents
     involved in the entire purchasing process -- from determining need to
     purchase, determining features needed, specifying products and where to
     buy them, recommending brands, all the way to final

"InformationWeek's impressive readership results are driven by the consistent demand for our unique editorial perspective of business and customer value," said Mike Friedenberg, InformationWeek's Publisher. "Our results are clearly reflective of InformationWeek's philosophy of constant innovation and investment across our 360 degree platform of editorially-driven products."

InformationWeek's strong showing in the IntelliQuest study comes on the heels of its recent announcement of a planned circulation increase, which will take effect by year's end. The publication announced that it will increase its circulation to 440,000 qualified IT buyers in order to satisfy reader demand. The December increase will make InformationWeek the biggest IS publication in the market. According to CPAR6, InformationWeek is leading the market in overall advertising pages with a remarkable 3,854 pages as of August 2000.

About InformationWeek

InformationWeek helps the people who buy, build, and manage technology drive customer and business innovation. In addition to the weekly magazine, InformationWeek provides a complete platform of information solutions including, InformationWeek Research, InformationWeek Events, and InformationWeek - E-newsletters. In May 2000, InformationWeek was named one of the nation's Top 10 B2B Media Powerhouses by Advertising Age's B2B Magazine.

About CMP Media Inc.

CMP Media Inc. is the leading high-tech media company providing essential information and marketing services to the entire technology spectrum -- the builders, sellers and users of technology worldwide. With its portfolio of newspapers, magazines, custom publishing, Internet products, research, consulting and conferences, CMP is uniquely positioned to offer marketers comprehensive integrated solutions tailored to meet their individual needs. Online editions of the company's print publications, along with products and services created exclusively for the Internet, can be found on CMPnet at

  (1) IS: Primary Job Function MIS/DP/IS/IT or Job Level CIO/VP of MIS, IS,
      IT (43293!43224)
  (2) Average spending of total study respondents not including Primary Job
      Function MIS/DP/IS/IT or Job Level CIO/VP of MIS, IS, IT
      (43293!43224)is $153,346.  The scope of purchase involvement is
      purchasing for the entire organization (10071 or 10091 or 10111 or
      10131 or 10151 or 10191 or 10211 or 10231).  IS provides the IS target
      involved in purchasing computer systems, desktops, notebooks,
      mini/mid/mainframes, computer software, utilities/software development
      tools/programming, operating systems, printers/plotters, peripherals,
      networking including servers, LAN software/hardware, internetworking,
      telecommunications, internet/intranet/extranet products and services.
  (3) See note 2
  (4) InformationWeek's readers on average spend $895,000.  Average study
      respondent spends $187,000.
  (5) See note 1
  (6) CPAR 9/00

SOURCE: CMP Media Inc.

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