CMP Technology Publications More Effective Than Business Press in Reaching Top Information Technology Decision-Makers

IntelliQuest CIMS Spring 2006 Business Study Shows More Business Technology Executives Turn to InformationWeek and Network Computing Than National Business Media

Jun 14, 2006

CMP Technology's Business Technology Group today announced that its two flagship publications, InformationWeek and Network Computing, lead both their direct competitors as well as some of the most vaunted names in business media in reach and readership across information systems (IS), networking, CIO or vice president of IS,(1) the most powerful business technology buyers in the 2006 IntelliQuest CIMS Spring 2006 Business Study. According to the survey findings, CMP's top magazines reach more than half a million top-level information technology buyers and strategic decision-makers, 53 percent more than The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes and Fortune combined.

"The most critical audience for the Business Technology Group is the decision-maker, up to the highest level of the organization," said Fritz Nelson, senior vice president and group publisher for the CMP Technology division that includes InformationWeek and Network Computing. "With our dominance over the business media in reaching the 'C-level' buyer, technology companies that advertise in CMP publications, sponsor our events and participate in our range of online marketing support initiatives know they are reaching the right audience, every time."

CMP views technology executives as true business leaders in their organizations, eschewing the hackneyed view of technology as a behind-the-scenes contributor to global success, according to Nelson. In the IntelliQuest CIMS Study, InformationWeek and Network Computing both maintained their comfortable year-over-year leadership positions over the traditional technology publications, reaching 396,686 and 318,759 readers, respectively, who fit the description of IS, networking, CIO or vice president of IS.

This compares to The Wall Street Journal, which led the business media with 200,160 readers who fit that qualification; Business Week (124,917); Forbes (86,501); and Fortune (78,469).

For additional information regarding the IntelliQuest CIMS Study and InformationWeek and Network Computing, please see the following press releases, also issued today:

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    High-Level Buyers Than Any Other Publication"

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  (1) IS/Networking/CIO/VP IS: IMS code = ((80702!80703)!(80236)).
      IS/Networking/CIO/VP IS Average Planned IT Expenditures including
      services next 12 months = $508,290; Total Study Average Planned IT
      Expenditures including services next 12 months = $90,994

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