Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards 2010-2011: Open Call for Nominations

Awards Recognizes Industry "Jolting" Tools for Software Developers

Jun 29, 2010

UBM TechWeb's leading brand for software developers, Dr. Dobb's, announced a call for nominations for its Jolt Awards. Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products in software development. From mobile phones to massive data centers, open source or proprietary, Jolt Award winners represent the products, books and technologies that "jolt" the industry with their significance.

Now in its 20th year, Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards accepts nominations by vendors, developers and Jolt Awards judges. Tools nominated may be commercially or freely available; developed by a global development shop with thousands of developers or a single programmer working on weekends; open source or proprietary.

  2010-2011 Jolt Awards Categories
  --  Application Libraries and Frameworks  (Nominations open 8/10/10;
      Winners announced 9/1/10)
  --  Mobile and Web Development  (Nominations open 9/1/10; Winners
      announced 10/1/10)
  --  Development Environments  (Nominations open 10/1/10; Winners announced
  --  Testing and Debugging Tools  (Nominations open 11/1/10; Winners
      announced 12/1/10)
  --  Change and Configuration Management Tools  (Nominations open 12/1/10;
      Winners announced 1/1/11)
  --  Application Libraries and Frameworks  (Nominations open 1/1/11;
      Winners announced 2/1/11)
  --  Project Management Tools  (Nominations open 2/1/11; Winners announced
  --  Security Tools  (Nominations open 3/1/11; Winners announced 4/1/11)
  --  Utilities  (Nominations open 4/1/11; Winners announced 5/1/11)
  --  Enterprise Tools  (Nominations open 5/1/11; Winners announced 6/1/11)
  --  Debugging Tools  (Nominations open 6/1/11; Winners 7/1/11)
  --  Design and Modeling Tools  (Nominations open 7/1/11; Winners announced
  --  Books  (Nominations open 8/1/11; Winners announced 9/1/11)

Three winners will be announced per category: one for the Jolt Product Excellence Award and two Jolt Productivity Awards.

"Dr. Dobb's Jolt Award judges are recognized as forward-looking gurus who provide insight into the latest and most promising industry trends in the software development industry," said Jonathan Erickson, Dr. Dobb's editor-in-chief. "They define which software development products are ahead of the curve. The awards honor products that are universally useful, that are simple, yet rich in functionality, or that redefine their product space."

Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards distinguished panel of judges include: Scott W. Ambler, Andrew Binstock, Robert DelRossi, David Dossot, Gary K. Evans, Roberto Galoppini, Seth Grimes, Jon Kurz, Chris Minnick, Larry O'Brien, Gary Pollice, Roland Racko, Mike Riley, Rick Wayne, Peter Westerman, and Michael Yuan.

"The Jolt Awards represent the continued evolution of the Dr. Dobb's brand. Coming off an extremely successful redesign earlier in the year, we continue to focus on building valuable content for the user and delivering an interactive user experience," said Brandon Friesen, Dr. Dobb's Publisher. "By using crowdsourcing techniques for the nominations, the entire developer community can participate in recognizing the most innovative software development products."

Past Dr. Dobb's Jolt Award winners include: FishEye (Atlassian), Code Collaborator (Smart Bear), AquaLogic Data Services Platform (BEA Systems), Corticon Business Rules Modeling Studio (Corticon Technologies), NetBeans IDE 6 (Sun Microsystems), Mashup Server, Web 2.0 Edition (Kapow Technologies), Mojax (mFoundry), Rally Enterprise (Rally Software Development), Fortify Defender: Real-Time Analyzer (Fortify Software), Clover 2.0 (Atlassian), VMware Workstation (VMware), and Adobe ColdFusion 8 (Adobe Systems).

For more information on Dr. Dobb's 2010-2011 Jolt Awards, please visit: www.drdobbs.com/joltawards, or contact Jonathan Erickson at jerickson@drdobbs.com. Dr. Dobb's is part of the InformationWeek Business Technology Network.

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