InformationWeek Wins 2009 Excellence Award for Best Virtual Event Innovation

2009 InformationWeek 500 Virtual Event Honored by Online Marketing Institute and ON24

Feb 9, 2010

TechWeb's InformationWeek was recognized for its InformationWeek 500 Virtual Event by the Online Marketing Institute and ON24 with the 2009 Excellence Award for Best Virtual Event, Innovation.

The first-ever Virtual Event Excellence Awards, jointly sponsored by ON24 and the Online Marketing Institute, were created to recognize those organizations that pushed the boundaries of virtual communication and defined best practices for the industry. Nominee evaluations were based on ROI, immersiveness, branding impact, and achievement of business objectives, as well as overall quality. Five Virtual Event Excellence Awards were given for 2009, honoring the best in virtual event innovation, international reach, attendee engagement, training and partner/customer communication. A total of 22 nominations were submitted among the 300 events produced on the platform last year. The program was co-sponsored by the Online Marketing Institute, which provided judging on the nominees.

InformationWeek, the leader in virtual events and environments, was recognized in the innovation category for the 2009 InformationWeek 500 Virtual Event, titled "Navigating The Boardroom." The judges recognized InformationWeek for presenting an editorially driven event using strong virtual technology that delivered compelling content that worked across real and digital platforms.

"The nominated events were all worthy of recognition, as they were all great examples of accomplishment and excellence. However, the TechWeb InformationWeek 500 virtual event stood out because it was visually stunning and provided first-rate content, ideally suited for its target audience," said Mike Angiletta, President of the Online Marketing Institute. "It delivered a truly compelling end user experience." He added that the event received perfect scores in:

  --  Innovation leadership
  --  Immersiveness
  --  Branding impact/reinforcement
  --  Overall quality

The following innovations put the 2009 InformationWeek 500 Virtual Event in the winner's circle:

  --  The merging of the virtual event and the live InformationWeek 500
      Conference created an online event that had all the energy, immediacy
      and rich social interaction of a real-world exhibit
  --  Utilizing content from the live event, keynotes, awards and rapid fire
      discussion, mixed with content specifically for the virtual
      environment (interviews with the Top 5 CIOs, educational webcasts and
      moderated chats) delivered an unparalleled learning experience.
  --  Innovative use of ON24's 3D virtual show platform that showcased a
      custom designed interface that mimicked the Southern California live
      executive conference that took place at the St. Regis Monarch Beach
      Resort the week prior to the virtual event.  This unique interface
      brought the live event to life in a virtual environment.

"We are extremely honored for being recognized for the unique power of InformationWeek's quality of virtual events," said Martha Schwartz, Vice President, Group Sales, InformationWeek Business Technology Network. "This is InformationWeek's second honor for the InformationWeek 500 Virtual Events. The combination of the InformationWeek brand, a strong and engaged audience, unique editorial perspective with robust content, and a world class execution team makes a significant difference in the value we provide to both our audience and clients."

A video showcasing the award-winning events can be viewed here:

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