InformationWeek Editors Available for Comment on Disappointing Holiday Sales for e-Retailers

Dec 12, 2000

According to a research report released yesterday by Goldman Sachs, online sales year-over-year rose only 50% for the week ended December 3rd, down from a 139% increase the week before. These numbers indicate a failure to meet the current expectations set by analysts for e-retailers this holiday season.

Based on extensive research and recent editorial coverage, InformationWeek has developed extensive knowledge on the reasons why e-retailers are not meeting holiday sales expectations. The editors of InformationWeek are available for comment on why e-retailers are not meeting expectations and more importantly, not meeting customer demands during the critical holiday shopping season.

The following is a list of information that the editors can cover in regards to this topic:

  -- A series of mishaps and "glitches" this holiday season have once again
     hurt the credibility and trustworthiness of e-retailers among
     consumers.  These glitches include unusually slow response and load
     times due to heavy traffic on certain Web sites and outages that hamper
     consumers' ability to efficiently shop a site.  All of these issues
     have scared some consumers back to brick and mortar shopping or have
     driven them to competitive sites that were not experiencing similar

  -- Customer expectations for the quality of Web shopping are at an
     all-time high.  Many e-retailers are failing to meet the basic
     requirements for convenience, selection and on-time delivery that will
     satisfy customer demands.

  -- Multi-channel options are key to securing customer loyalty.  Customers
     are demanding the ability to buy online and return products to the
     store and vice versa.

  -- The leading differentiator for online merchants is a personalized
     shopping experience that consumers won't find in a mall during the
     crowded holiday shopping season.  Many online companies are unable to
     offer this level of personalization.

  -- Many e-retailers are unable to offer unique products and services, in
     addition to simplicity and speed.  Consumers want expert assistance in
     selecting gifts that match an individual's tastes and preferences.
     Those e-retailers that fail to provide these services are finding it
     difficult to attract and retain consumers this holiday season.

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SOURCE: InformationWeek

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