Positive Results for Online Video-Platform Vendors, Survey Finds

Growing video-publishing platforms allow content owners to better manage their video content, says Contentinople Insider

Aug 7, 2009

As online video viewing grows, video-publishing platforms rise, providing content owners with many ways to manage their video content, according to the latest report published by Contentinople Insider (www.contentinople.com/insider), a new subscription research service from TechWeb's Contentinople (www.contentinople.com), an industry-leading provider of news and analysis covering the emerging digital media industry.

Online Video Platform Survey: Launching the Internet Video Era provides insight into media companies' perception of the online-video market. It also addresses key issues such as the status of video deployments, expectations of growth, capabilities required from their video platforms, and vendor views.

"Several vendors offer video-publishing platforms, and their features and functionality, key strengths, and costs vary widely," says Aditya Kishore, research analyst with Contentinople Insider and author of the report. "However, revenues appear to be the most important deployment driver, whether experimenting and developing new models or creating an incremental revenue stream."

About half of the respondents were already distributing video online at the time of this survey, with almost a third distributing a "substantial" quantity, Kishore says. "This, coupled with data demonstrating the growth of online video, is an encouraging sign for vendors. Even more encouraging is the fact that nearly 60 percent plan to increase their spending on online video and only 5 percent plan to cut down on their online-video investment," he adds. "White-label platforms are also the preferred option for enabling such services, which means that the market opportunity for platform vendors is ripe."

Other key findings of Online Video Platform Survey: Launching the Internet Video Era include the following:

  --  Leading deployment drivers for online video are online brand
      extension, new revenue development, and experimentation with revenue
  --  Video quality is most important for online video when multiple
      responses are accepted, but ad insertion ranks first when only one can
      be accepted.
  --  About half of respondents are distributing video online, and less than
      one third of total respondents offer substantial title selections.
  --  Many respondents are willing to swap out existing components of their
      back office for their publishing platform of choice.

  --  White-label publishing platforms are preferred to in-house and
      SI-built platforms, though taken together they beat out white-labels.

Online Video Platform Survey: Launching the Internet Video Era is available as part of an annual subscription (six issues) to Contentinople Insider, priced at $1,295. Individual reports are available for $900.

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