Wall Street & Technology Delves Into 'The China Opportunity'

Jun 17, 2009

Wall Street & Technology has launched "The China Opportunity," the first in-depth look at the nascent Chinese mutual fund market from a technology and capital markets perspective.

Visit "The China Opportunity" at http://wallstreetandtech.com/china.

China is already one of the world's biggest economies, and its financial industry is growing fast. The global markets are now eyeing the massive opportunity provided by the country's increasingly affluent population of over 1 billion potential investors.

In this report, by Senior Editor Melanie Rodier, a top executive at a Chinese Asset Management firm and other leading experts on Asia discuss the way China is opening up its notoriously closed mutual fund industry to international investing and new global opportunities. http://wallstreetandtech.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=217701698

An interactive map presents a snapshot of the burgeoning Chinese financial industry, including lists and locations of 20 of the top mutual funds, the Chinese IT financial technology vendors who service the local asset management industry, and details on the top Western vendors vying to provide their technology to Chinese firms.

Since China is a country steeped in cultural and social traditions, we've also included 7 tips on what you really need to know to do business successfully in China. And so that you can keep up with the latest developments from Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, we are also including daily updated news from China. http://wallstreetandtech.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=217701676

"China has long drawn the attention of Western businesses because of its sheer size and potential for growth," Greg MacSweeney says. "Only recently have the laws governing mutual funds changed to allow international investing. 'The China Opportunity' shows how Western firms with trading, portfolio management and technology expertise are working to capture a portion of the market."

An excerpt from the story:

Until recently the Chinese public put its money in low-yielding bank investments. But as the population becomes increasingly affluent, the Chinese market is demanding new investment vehicles. Further, the Chinese government, aware that it can't meet the demands of its aging population on its own, is encouraging private investing through pensions and mutual funds while also encouraging investors to seek higher potential returns, says Dayle Scher, research director, investment management, TowerGroup.

Today the Chinese mutual fund market -- which emerged eight to nine years ago -- remains underdeveloped, but it is rapidly growing. There are currently 63 fund management firms in China, half of which are joint ventures with foreign firms. These joint ventures include Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Management Co., SYWG BNP Paribas Asset Management Co. and ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Co.

"People in China are very eager to invest their money," says Wang Diyeng, EVP and COO at Bosera Fund Management, one of China's top three fund management companies. "The GDP has grown very quickly in China. People are more wealthy. They have more money to invest. And after several years people know they must have their assets managed by experts, which means they can earn a long-term stable return."

Read the complete story at: http://www.wallstreetandtech.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=217701673


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