Step Onto the New NYSE Amex Options Trading Floor

May 18, 2009

In a new photo gallery, Advanced Trading gives readers an exclusive view of the newly opened NYSE Amex Options Trading Floor.


With some of the first and most comprehensive photos of the new trading floor, Advanced Trading's gallery offers a virtual tour of the trading floor, and features interviews and close-up photos of several traders on the NYSE Amex Options floor.

This new floor was developed to house traders from both the American Stock Exchange, which was acquired by NYSE Euronext last year, and the existing NYSE options traders in New York. Housed adjacent to the main NYSE equities trading floor on Wall Street and built to suit the exchange's hybrid trading model, the trading floor features two adjoining rooms with trading pits for open outcry trading as well as booths for electronic trading by market makers, specialists and broker-dealers.

"The Amex was declining because the technology didn't keep up with today's market," said Ed Boyle, senior vice president of NYSE Amex Options. "The new NYSE Amex options platform is 300 times faster than the old Amex platform."

Boyle added that while the traditional Amex options business was 20 percent electronic and 80 percent open outcry, he would like to see those figures reversed, moving to between 70 and 80 percent electronic.

View the entire "Anatomy of a Trading Floor" photo gallery featuring the NYSE Amex Options Floor:

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