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Jun 1, 2009

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  What Makes a Trader Great?

Understanding the intangible qualities that make traders not only survive but thrive.


  Anatomy of a Buy-Side Trader

As cutbacks spread across the buy-side desk and turmoil continues to reshape the markets, the traits that define a successful buy-side trader are more important than ever.

  Study Attempts to Pin Down What It Means to Think Like a Trader

CalTech researcher digs into physiological responses and behavior patterns to identify roots of 'loss aversion.'

  What Can Be Done About Europe's Fragmented Market?

As multilateral trading facilities, established under MiFID, fragment liquidity and market data, the buy side struggles with transparency and is challenged to attain best execution. A consolidated tape in Europe would help, experts say.

  Pipeline Acquires 3D Markets for Block Options Crossing

Pipeline expands into options asset class as usage is growing by institutions.

  Bay Crest Partners to Launch Fixed-Income Brokerage Platform

From UBS, Sean Rice joins Bay Crest to build and head sales and trading team.


  Algorithm Overload

As buy-side trading desks are challenged to navigate increasingly complex markets, algorithm providers are responding with streamlined offerings and liquidity-seeking strategies.


  NYSE Amex Options Trading Floor

The NYSE Amex options trading floor was opened in March of 2009 and offers both electronic and open outcry equity options trading. The new floor brings together options traders from the American Stock Exchange (Amex), which was acquired by NYSE Euronext, and the NYSE onto one trading floor and platform.


  Bringing Transparency to Pricing and Valuations

Celent provides perspectives on trends in OTC derivatives and structured product pricing practices in anticipation of coming market reform. 13


  Chris Concannon to Leave Nasdaq

Concannon had a key role in rebuilding Nasdaq's market share against other electronic competitors.

  SEC Outlines Potential Short Sale Curbs

The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun a public comment period over a set of proposed rules set forward in an effort to curb short selling.

  Hegarty to Leave TowerGroup for DTCC

Robert Hegarty, managing director, Securities & Investments and Insurance, at TowerGroup, will leave the research and advisory firm and join the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation.

  Jeromee Johnson Leaves 3D Markets; Heads to BATS Exchange
  Johnson will study whether BATS should enter the options business.


  Should European Dark Pools Offer Better Prices?

NYFIX Euro Millennium MTF platform is temporarily amending its algorithm to offer matching at the midpoint of the reference market price. The move raises questions about whether European dark pools can offer better prices than lit markets.

  Westwater Ramps Up Risk Practice with FOF Due Diligence

I just spoke with Jim Leman, principal of Westwater Corp., about some of the things his firm is focusing on as a result of the credit crisis and recent market turmoil. We hadn't caught up in a while and I wanted to know how the market was affecting his consulting firm.

  The Downside of an Uptick Rule

An uptick rule would slow trading and remove liquidity from dark pools -- but it won't curb short selling.


  MTFs Compete for Survival

With the proliferation of alternative trading venues in Europe, industry observers expect consolidation among the new multilateral trading facilities.

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