Collaborative Technologies Conference Sessions to Present Strategies for Enabling Collaborative Business Environments and Real-World Technology Implementations

Session Topics Include Enterprise Collaboration Architectures, Business Continuity and Disaster Preparation, Social Networks, Open Source Tools, Mobility, Calendaring, Security, VoIP, Network Optimization, Collaboration in Education, and Standardization

May 26, 2006

CMP Media, producers of the Collaborative Technologies Conference (CTC), today announced the session topics that will focus on successful examples of collaboration technologies and processes that are driving business communications and productivity. During these CTC sessions, industry thought leaders and technology innovators will explore strategies, practices and tools that can help businesses cut costs, increase productivity, reduce time-to-market, align workgroups and create a more streamlined, dynamic organization. More information about the 2006 Collaborative Technologies Conference, taking place June 19-22 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, can be found at

"Innovation in IT is not only about costs savings; the big win is when IT and business leaders can enhance an organization's agility," said Jennifer Pahlka, CTC Conference Director. "The Collaborative Technologies Conference brings together a unique group of forward-thinkers and industry leaders to explore the potential of collaboration to change the way we work and provide a competitive advantage."

  The complete list of sessions at CTC is as follows:
  "Architectures of Participation" sessions:  Tuesday, June 20
  -- Creating a Culture of Collaboration
  -- Social Software
  -- Large Scale Collaboration:  Prediction Markets & Social Networks

  "Collaboration 101" sessions:  Wednesday, June 21
  -- Introduction to Virtual Work
  -- Introduction to Collaborative Conferencing

  "Collaboration in Education" sessions:  Tuesday, June 20
  -- The Social Life of Learning in the Networked Age
  -- Case Studies in Collaborative Technology for Education

  "Collaborative Workspaces" sessions:  Wednesday, June 21
  -- Collaborative Workspaces:  Key Trends
  -- Collaborative Workspaces:  A Raft of Tools
  -- Collaborative Workspaces:  Making the Transition

  "Enterprise Collaboration Architectures" sessions:  Tuesday, June 20
  -- Microsoft vs. Lotus:  Comparative Analysis
  -- Alternate Enterprise Collaboration Options
  -- Open Source Collaboration Architecture for Enterprise:  Can It Really
     Be Done?

  "Foundations for Collaboration" sessions:  Wednesday, June 21
  -- Security & Compliance
  -- Network Optimization
  -- Standardization Across the Enterprise:  How to Reign in Collaborative
     Technologies without Stifling Innovation

  "Making Meetings Work" sessions:  Tuesday, June 20
  -- Calendaring:  Time for an Update
  -- Effective Face to Face Meetings
  -- Effective Virtual Meetings

  "Mobility" sessions:  Thursday, June 22
  -- Trends in Mobility:  What's Going On?
  -- Tools for Mobility:  Horses for Courses
  -- Techniques for Mobility:  The Success Question

  "Real-Time Collaboration" sessions:  Wednesday, June 21
  -- The State of VoIP and Collaboration
  -- Getting a Handle on ROI for Conferencing
  -- The Real-Time Economy
  -- The State of the Real-Time Enterprise
  -- Building For Real Real-Time

  "Web 2.0: Fad or Revolution?" sessions:  Wednesday, June 21
  -- Making Sense of Web 2.0:  Impact on the Enterprise
  -- Running Your Business on Web 2.0:  Simple, Lightweight Apps
  -- The Web 2.0 Enabled Enterprise

  "Bonus Track" sessions:  Thursday, June 22
  -- Identity 2.0
  -- Solving Document Chaos:  Collaborative Document Construction the
     Productive Way

  "Brainfood" sessions:  Thursday, June 22
  -- Business Continuity and Collaborative Technologies (An Open Discussion)
  -- BioTeaming:  Natural Models for Virtual Teams
  -- Collaborative Work Methods:  A Structure for Supporting and Extending
     Collaboration across the Enterprise

  About the Collaborative Technologies Conference (CTC)

The Collaborative Technologies Conference (CTC) is the only industry event to explore the breadth of collaborative solutions, including real-time and asynchronous technologies, from both strategic and tactical perspectives. CTC focuses on the tools and techniques that best leverage the technical, productive and social aspects of IT and workgroup environments to build a cohesive collaboration strategy and empower a connected workforce. CTC sessions and workshops will cover technologies such as social software, team workspaces, unified messaging, instant messaging, conferencing (web, audio and video conferencing), wikis, blogs, calendaring, VoIP and converged networks. while addressing security, compliance and network impact issues.

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